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Yemen, or the Republic of Yemen, is a state of South-West Asia located on the Arabian Peninsula, in its southern part. Yemen's neighbors are Saudi Arabia and Oman, and the shores of this country are washed by the Red and Arabian Seas. Yemen is interesting because it is one of the oldest centers of civilization.

Today the population of the republic is about 20 million people, and it is growing rapidly. This is due to the high birth rate in the country. According to UN data, there are on average 6.8 children per woman, as a result, 46% of the total number of citizens in the country are children under 15 years of age.

Despite the increase in oil production, Yemen remains one of the poorest Arab countries, which entails high death rates (especially among mothers). Much less is known about this country than, say, about the United Arab Emirates or political hot spots - Iran, Iraq, Kuwait. Consider the most popular misconceptions about this country.

Yemen is located somewhere in Africa. The country is located in the Middle East, and it is separated from Africa by the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.

In Yemen, you will definitely become a hostage. The American travel guide Lonely Planet recommends: "If you are kidnapped in Yemen, relax, learn the local culture and the Arabic language." Cases of kidnapping of tourists did happen, but the terrorists did not demand anything from the foreigners themselves, really perceiving them as guests. The ransom demands were not financial, but political. The kidnappers demanded from their own state any rights or benefits. This usually ended with the happy release of the tourists. And lately, thanks to the actions of the Yemeni government, this problem has been practically eradicated.

There is South Yemen and North. To enter the territory, everyone needs their own visa. Back in the 90s of the last century, these two parts of Yemen united into a single republic, of course, no special visas are required. Strange, but for some reason many tourists do not know about this.

Yemen is an extremely unsafe place for a tourist, where you can easily die from terrorist attacks or an aggressive population. Yemen is mentioned most often in the media in connection with any tragic incidents, so it seems that the country only lives on armed clashes and terrorist attacks. In fact, this Arab country is one of the safest in the world. Cases of theft, terrorist attacks, and attacks are extremely rare. The locals themselves are very welcoming and inquisitive, welcoming to tourists. It is no coincidence that the flow of tourists visiting Yemen is growing every year.

It is extremely difficult for women to be in Yemen without a veil - she will be stoned or taken into slavery. On one of the central television channels there was information that in Yemen it is enough for a man to shower a woman with blooming jasmine petals to take her into slavery and personal property. In fact, this republic is a Muslim country that adheres to Sharia law. According to them, only legal marriage holds a man and a woman together. In Yemen, foreign women are not required to comply with Islamic laws if they are not Muslim. Therefore, many tourists, including lonely ones, calmly travel around the country with an open face, in trousers. To show respect for local customs, it will be enough to choose a decent outfit, excluding a miniskirt or a defiant neckline.

A local resident will never invite a stranger to visit. According to this belief, the Yemenis hold to the belief: "My home is my fortress." This myth arose on TV shows in which reporters tried to visit local residents. However, how many of us will let an uninvited stranger into the house, especially together with the film crew? In fact, the inhabitants of Yemen are very hospitable, it is possible that they will invite a foreigner into the house.

Yemen's relief is extremely sparse. Usually Yemen is a large and hot desert with Shibam skyscrapers made of clay. The country's climate is unbearably hot. But Shibam's photographs do not characterize the entire country. Yemen has a diverse nature, with different climatic zones. In the country you can also find mountains with terraced fields, palm groves, unique sandstone cliffs. The sea coast is famous for its many kilometers of beaches. The flora and fauna are very rich.

Yemen celebrates New Year on November 18th. The onset of the New Year in the country is celebrated in accordance with the lunar calendar, so it comes on different dates every year. Probably, with the help of journalists, this myth was counted from the very year when the celebration fell on this date.

Yemen is extremely poor in food choices. They say that there is absolutely nothing in this country. Common food is rice and fried chicken, which makes travelers suffer from indigestion. The roots of this myth grow from the reviews of tourists who visited the country during the Eid holiday. At this time, trade stops in the country, almost all restaurants and cafes are closed, and only cheap eateries are open. Chicken and rice is a really common dish in them. The travelers decided that there is simply no other cuisine in the country. In fact, Yemeni cuisine is one of the best in the region. Skilled chefs offer hundreds of dishes from vegetables, meat, poultry. Yemen is also renowned for its aromatic breads and gourmet coffee.

Obtaining a Yemeni visa is very troublesome. In fact, this is not the case. You can get a visa both in Russia and upon arrival at the airport in Sana'a. By the way, the second option is both cheaper and less troublesome. For some reason, even many scientists studying the East believe in the myth of the country's closed nature.

Watch the video: Slavery in Yemen. Al Jazeera World (July 2022).


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