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Today, any self-respecting Internet user has an account in one of the social networks. True, many users have little idea of ​​the possibilities of such an online business, content with myths alone.

Successful trading presupposes the presence of only one store and goods successfully placed in it. In fact, a social network is a place for communication, and not at all for trading. It would be a mistake to create a VKontakte group and simply place products there with their descriptions. Until members of the social network have good reasons to join your group, they will not do it. The store should be a reflection of life values, personal priorities, this approach to business, expressed in public. You need to reveal yourself on the social network by sharing your interests and hobbies. Do you love cars, animals, computers? So talk about it by referring new friends. Soon they will be able to become new clients, because their hobbies, plans and objects coincide with yours. Do not miss the opportunity to tell about yourself and your views, so you can find not just clients, but also like-minded people.

Trading on social networks makes no sense, because the main audience there is insolvent youth. Let in some social networks there really is an overload of teenagers and even children. But the power of their influence on parents is great. And children are gradually growing. Today, on the same VKontakte, out of 50 million users who indicated their age, 32 million are over 21 years old. That is, they are quite adult, adequate people, capable of making decisions and making purchases, including on a social network.

Social networks are basically not meant for trading. When such networks were just created, no one invested trading functionality in them. But lately, the same Facebook and mySpace are trying to satisfy more and more needs. At first, these were just recommendations for the purchase of goods and user reviews, and then full-fledged stores appeared in these networks. Interestingly, many trading monsters, for example, Amazon, are themselves beginning to adopt some of the techniques of trading on social networks. As a result, a boring online store received the features of a platform for the exchange of user opinions, which only plays into the hands of trade.

The safety and usability of social networks is rather poor. On the way to the development of these platforms, such problems were indeed present. However, now social networks are one of the fastest growing and most funded resources on the Web. It is worth paying great attention to the appearance and convenience of working with the store on a social network. A significant advantage can be the approximation of work in this group to the already familiar online store for customers, for example, or These stores have long worked out the scheme of product selection and subsequent ordering. Therefore, it makes no sense to abandon proven developments and introduce new tools on the social network.

Small companies will not be able to realize themselves in social networks. The number of employees and sales of the company is not so clearly visible on the social network. That is why small firms can look very serious, and huge ones - as ordinary stores. In any case, those companies that have failed to adapt to social and e-commerce are at serious risk of soon becoming uncompetitive and small, no matter what they were originally.

Serious companies simply ignore such a frivolous tool like a social network. In fact, giants such as Dell, Coca-Cola, BMW, General Motors, Starbucks and many others have their own Facebook pages. These companies understand that social networks are a great platform for communicating with users, providing them with information about new products. But in the Russian network VKontakte there are not so many official pages of large companies yet. For them, social networks are still a novelty, and global trends do not come to our country as quickly as they would like. However, there is no doubt that this is a matter of time.

Stores on the social network do not require promotion and advertising. Many simply create a store group on a social network (VKontakte, Facebook) and expect an influx of visitors. But how do they know about the new page, even if the proposed brand is known and popular in the world of ordinary trade? No one denies that the main task when accompanying such a group or page on a social network will be the presence of relevant and high-quality content, but no one will come there without advertising. Don't let the social activity of the store take its course. Of course, you can find a full-time employee and ask him, in addition to his main responsibilities, to also be involved in promoting trade on social networks. However, if a person agrees to this, he will do it irregularly, in his free time, and there is no need to talk about professionalism.

With the help of a store on a social network, it will be possible to completely replace the main online store. It so happens that businessmen post a link to their popular online store in a group on a social network. But the level of sales there is depressingly low. Statistics show that customers are getting used to one trading platform and no longer strive to change it to others. So, when they see a link to a familiar and popular resource, people will most likely go there and make a purchase there. And in this case, do not underestimate the role of the store in the social network. After all, it was his activity that made it possible to attract a client, bring him to the product and sell it. A social networking online store is a great addition to your main store. After all, every day the audience of those who want to make purchases from within the social network is growing. So the VKontakte platform, which contains both the group and the store, will help collect user opinions about the product, which will only help the business project in its long term.

It is best to present products in the form of an Excel table. Some people think that this type of product presentation is the most intelligible. On the left - they themselves, and on the right - their prices. However, this approach may be convenient for buyers of a computer store, but clients of a bookstore or jewelry salon will clearly not like it. After all, when creating a design for a seller application, several important points must be taken into account. The client may want to print the entire catalog, so it is best not to use a dark background. Otherwise, nothing will be visible on paper. Particular attention should be paid to product descriptions. If this issue is approached casually, then sophisticated and competent customers can turn away from such a store. Use more infographics and colors, pictures that are pleasing to the eye. But it is not worth overloading your catalog with information, it would be better to place additional information in special sections.

Traditional marketing does not work on a social network; different marketing is needed here. In fact, the ideal social media ad campaign has features of both the traditional approach and the new Web-based marketing. If you still have to choose one of them, then it is better to turn to SM-marketing, as it allows you to get the best result in a short time. Consumers have a constant psychology, only the attitude towards the possibilities of choice changes. So you just need to provide them with convenient tools that will help them get all the information they need and share it constantly.

Existing customers shouldn't be talking about a new store on a social network. Some sellers are hesitant to invite old proven customers to a newly created store. There are fears that this will smear sales and worsen statistics. However, this is just the first, superficial opinion. Engaging existing customers in groups and stores on a social network will only increase your customer base. After all, every buyer probably has friends on the social network, and a successful purchase can entail either a like or a pleasant review. Thus, more people can learn about the store.

On social media, it is difficult to acquire something unnoticed from your friends. After all, they see in which groups and stores a person is. In fact, the worldwide popularity of shopping lies precisely in human psychology. Everyone wants to share the joy of shopping with their friends and family members, to discuss a new purchase. But social networks provide the best format for this, and numerous stores make this process accessible. After all, if a couple of friends have already bought a quality product in a store on a social network, then this will be a significant incentive to make the same purchase. So, keeping silent about your VKontakte store will lead to complicating the lives of customers and losing customers. This is exactly what the statistics say. Nielsen conducted a study in 2009, according to which 9 out of 10 people on the Internet trusted their friends in the matter of product selection.

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