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Prostatitis is a disease of the prostate gland, usually referred to as inflammatory lesions. The prostate gland is a purely male organ, so this disease can occur only in the stronger sex.

Prostatitis is a fairly common disease, so in the USA about 8% of all urological problems are associated with it. Although prostatitis can be treated, many men hesitate to see a doctor for help, because it concerns very intimate areas.

You cannot think that prostatitis is a natural phenomenon. It always hurts and it is difficult to prevent the disease. It is no coincidence that the disease, about which it is customary to remain silent, generates many myths around itself.

Prostatitis must be treated urgently, since the prostate itself is the second heart of a man. Although the disease does require treatment, it would be a mistake to believe that the prostate is the "second heart". This opinion is too similar to the slogan of some pharmaceutical company. For male physiology, the prostate, of course, is a very important organ, but it makes no sense to compare it with the heart. Why not give the title of the second heart, say, to the stomach? Indeed, through him, in particular, a path has been trodden to a man's heart. The prostate is a small organ, about the size of a chestnut. Its work has nothing to do with the heart muscle. Of course, one should not discard its important functions, but one should not associate the vital activity of the whole organism with the prostate. The connection between the prostate and the heart is just a turn of speech, and prostatitis is not at all a fatal disease.

This is not a disease at all, but a natural aging mechanism of the body. According to this statement, prostatitis is a natural thing and therefore does not pose any danger. In fact, as a result of chronic prostatitis, not only can there be pain and cramps during urination, but even problems in intimate life can appear. In men, erection may be impaired, pain during orgasm may appear, or premature ejaculation may occur. Neglect of your health can turn into vesiculitis - inflammation of the seminal vesicles, as well as epidimo-orchitis - inflammation of the testicles and their appendages. Such consequences are much more dangerous, because they lead directly to infertility and impotence. These phenomena are not at all natural, moreover, they are very sensitive to the psyche of men.

Prostatitis is caused by bacteria, and you can treat yourself with antibiotics. Previously, prostatitis was classified as an infectious disease, using antibiotics for treatment. Today, such funds are used only in acute forms. After all, the modern view of prostate malfunction has changed a lot. It has already been proven that prostate inflammation caused by bacteria is quite rare, accounting for about 10% of the total abundance of cases. In the vast majority of cases, the reason is completely different, so antibiotics will no longer help here. It is already known that there is no universal medicine that alone can overcome prostatitis. Therefore, a whole complex is prescribed, which includes antispasmodics, interferon drugs, and other drugs. This series has both antiviral and immune effects. You can't do without prostate massage, and the diet should exclude alcohol, spicy, sour, fried, salty and canned foods.

Prostatitis is always accompanied by pain during urination and intercourse. In fact, pain during urination occurs only in half of the cases. And with intimacy, pain occurs even less often - in 5-10% of cases. The rest of the men may not even be aware of their disease at all. In addition, in addition to the acute form of prostatitis, there is also subacute, chronic, sluggish and even asymptomatic. In the latter case, failures will manifest themselves in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. In such cases, men usually turn to drugs designed to improve potency. Whereas in fact it is necessary to treat just the prostate gland.

Prostatitis cannot be prevented. To believe that there is no prophylaxis against prostatitis is a mistake. After all, the main cause of prostate disease is physiological. It consists in the excessive growth of tissue cells that make up this gland. This phenomenon is generally quite common for men over 35. But the development of the disease can be provoked by the man himself. To do this, you need to smoke, drink, be overweight, lead a sedentary lifestyle, refuse sex, or, on the contrary, be fed up with it. Prostatitis can be caused by infections, constipation, and stress. The simplest prevention is associated with streamlining the diet and life, caring for your health. It is especially worth wary of those sexually transmitted infections. Doctors say that every third patient with prostatitis in his smear has chlamydia, gardnerella and other infections. Conversely, it is noted that men who are "clean" in this aspect are much less likely to suffer from prostate diseases. Thus, it turns out that the main prevention of prostatitis is simple loyalty to one sexual partner, or, at worst, the mandatory use of a condom.

Chronic prostatitis cannot be cured. Although it is impossible to completely overcome such a form, it is quite possible to restrain its development. To prevent the disease from flaring up again, it is best to completely stop drinking and smoking after treatment for a period of 2 to 6 months. It is best to change your habits - to start leading an active lifestyle, walk 2-3 kilometers every day, start playing sports, appear more at a fresh age, remove stress from your life and, of course, have sex regularly.

Patients with prostatitis are prohibited from having sex. Doctors say the opposite is true! Regular sex life is an integral part of medical treatments. You can think of such a means as prostate massage. But this rather unpleasant and painful procedure is required only for those men who, for some reason, have abandoned their obligations to have a sex life. Indeed, for the prostate, the best massage is normal ejaculation, nothing better has been invented. Full sexual contact is much more effective than a massage. The prohibition of sexual activity in the treatment of prostatitis was practiced several decades ago, since then the views of doctors have changed quite a lot.

Prostatitis heals quickly. The treatment process directly depends on the state of the immune system. If it is weakened, then the recovery period may be delayed. But in initially healthy men who have strong immunity, even the longest therapy used, for example, against chlamydia, can take only a few weeks. After that, supportive therapy is prescribed. As a result, after 2-3 months, at least 4 months later, the man completely gets rid of prostatitis.

Hypothermia is the cause of prostatitis. This statement is not entirely true. If there are some other factors that contribute to the appearance of prostatitis - stagnation in the veins, chronic infections, etc., then hypothermia can play a decisive role. But by itself it cannot act as the cause of chronic prostatitis. Nevertheless, it is better to avoid swimming in cold spring water, and ice fishing experts should not forget about warm pants. It is worth remembering that with chronic prostatitis, especially during treatment, any hypothermia is extremely undesirable, as it can disrupt the entire course of treatment.

In general, all men have prostatitis, you should not go to a urologist with such a trifle. This is not a disease at all. Do not go to extremes. Prostatitis is a very specific disease. Its acute form, albeit rare, has its own symptoms, accompanied by pain and fever. The chronic form is much more common. Although it is often not accompanied by vivid symptoms, it can lead to serious damage to the prostate and some organs of the genitourinary system.

The diagnosis of prostatitis is quite simple. A finger examination of the urologist is enough for this. To get a complete picture, you need to evaluate many criteria. These are laboratory results of blood and urine tests, ultrasound with a rectal sensor, which makes it possible to see the structure of the prostate, bacterial culture, and the same digital examination. It is best if the examination is carried out by related specialists, for example, a neurologist. As a result, the fastest and most complete diagnosis is possible in specialized clinics.

Prostate massage can cure the disease. Few people know, but finger massage itself can be quite dangerous. It can be painful and traumatic, and contribute to the transfer of infection from infected areas to healthy ones. Currently, more gentle and effective physiotherapy procedures are used in the treatment. For example, a pneumatic vibrating massager. In parallel with it, medication, physiotherapy, homeopathy and acupuncture are also used. A patient with a chronic form of the disease needs regular monitoring by one of his doctors. This will help you quickly respond to the onset of an exacerbation, making every effort to reduce the consequences of the attack.

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