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Ask anyone - who is the most famous contemporary French singer? I am sure many will call the name Mylene Farmer. Let's consider what is true and what is false in the life of this extraordinary woman.

Appearing on the Champs Elysees, Mylène Farmer is able to stop traffic by one of her looks. Of course, there are no many kilometers of traffic jams, but there are always enough people who want to look at the star and get an autograph. In the center of Paris, the singer appears quite often, as her favorite store "M uji" is located there, which offers a varied selection of goods - from clothes to furniture. And the fact that people are drawn to Mylene is favored by the following myth.

Mylene Farmer loves to be naked in public. This myth arose from the rather provocative clips of Mylene. For example, in "L'amour n'est rien", which was filmed in 2006, the singer strips completely, although at that time the singer was 45 years old. There is no doubt about the exhibitionist inclinations of the singer, although Farmer herself assures that behind her nakedness she skillfully hides the true "I", she gives people the opportunity to discuss her body and behavior, but they do not affect her soul. In life, Mylene is quite restrained, in a lingerie store she can be embarrassed by an overly helpful consultant, her openness is realized in clips: "When I appear naked in a video, I do not call it shamelessness, because it happens in a certain context." The public may be shocked by this behavior, but the songs are at the top of the charts!

Mylene Farmer is engaged in black magic. For pious citizens, the singer's behavior in the videos, her appearance with fiery red hair, and all behavior is an indicator of cooperation with unclean forces. And in the finale of one of the singer's last shows, skeletons and naked mannequins galloped around the stage, while Mylene herself appeared in white robes as a victim for hell. Farmer chose the image of a witch, with accompanying attributes - she was sexy, aggressive, desperate, she smelled of darkness and death. In real life, the singer is a Buddhist, she admitted that her favorite book is the philosophical "Tibetan Book of Life and Death". Recently the paparazzi saw Farmer emerge from the Manhattan Buddhist Temple.

Mylene Farmer leaves France and settles in America. Of course, even local temples have already begun to visit. Rumors did not appear from scratch. While filming Giorgino in 1994, Farmer fell in love with her partner, American musician and actor Jeff Dahlgren. He soon became a full-fledged member of her team as a guitarist. It was with him that the singer spent nine sweet months in Los Angeles. In America, she received peace, optimism, deliverance from the obsessive fuss of domestic journalists. But soon Farmer returned to France, because it was she who made a world star out of a timid eight-year-old Canadian girl, although she instilled in this a lot of complexes.

The singer always wanted to become a boy. This is one of the many complexes of Mylene, who has never had close friends. After all, even as a child, she loved to play war with boys and collect soldiers. Mylene opened up: "I even stuffed a handkerchief into my pants to be more like my friends!" Until the age of 14, the girl wore a short hairstyle and flatly refused skirts, preferring trousers. Interestingly, as a child, her favorite book was "The Military, Public and Private Life of Mademoiselle d'Eon", which told about the adventurous adventures of a secret agent, moreover, an unconventional orientation. What influence could such literature have on the fragile psyche of a teenager?

Mylene doesn't like men. According to the previous myth, this would not be surprising. However, this is not true, Mylene Farmer has never been seen in unconventional contacts. Moreover, the public watched her longest affair with Laurent Button for 10 years. It was Laurent who created a cultural phenomenon named Mylene Farmen. He is famous for the fact that at the age of 17, using money stolen from his parents, he shot the scandalous film "The Ballad of the Fairy Guide", which was immediately banned from showing to children under 18 years of age. Soon the young man became interested in music, having written several compositions. In search of a performer for the song "Maman a tort" in 1984, Laurent got into a modeling agency, where he met Mylene.

The singer was a great fashion model in her youth. And it's true, the girl started filming for commercials so that she could pay for her art school and living expenses. Despite the fact that in her youth, Mylene wanted to be a horse riding instructor, she soon suddenly changed her mind, deciding to become an actress. Farmer applied to the acting department and easily entered it. However, she did not have time to finish it, as she met Laurent. Who would have thought that this meeting at the agency would mark the beginning of a long creative and love union? As a result of joint creativity, vivid video clips appeared, each of which is a mini-film, as a result of which Mylene was able to realize her artistic talents. Also, the producer helped the singer to play a full-fledged role in the movie, in the film "Georgino". The film seemed to be a continuation of the singer's clips, absorbing love, death, blood ... And Milen's partner in the film became her new lover. However, the film was not widely accepted by the public and was soon discontinued. This was the reason for Milena's break with Laurent, a break in love, but not creative!

The singer received a marriage proposal from Jean-Paul Gaultier. The press also attributed the famous couturier to the fans of Mylene. In fact, Farmer and Gaultier have been friends for a long time, but the man could not offer the singer anything except bright costumes for the stage and a wedding dress, because it is known that Jean-Paul is a homosexual. It can be summed up by saying that Gaultier spoke on behalf of all the gay people in the country, because Farmer became for them a desired and cult object for sexual minorities after the release of "Sans contrefacon". The singer herself considers this audience especially vulnerable and sensitive, paying tribute to its avant-garde. Mylene shares with them the desire to be different, realizing that this makes life much more difficult. However, gays are by no means the bulk of the fans.

Farmer regularly has romance with famous musicians. It's hard to say something definite about this. On the one hand, Robbie Williams says that he loves watching Mylene's erotic videos, and on the other hand, the couple have never been seen together. The press ascribes to the singer an affair with the black soul singer Seal, who also recorded a duet with her in 2001 "Les mots". It is noteworthy that Farmer herself included the song in the list of her greatest hits, this collection became one of the best-selling in the history of French music.

Mylene Farmer tried to kill one of the fan graphomaniacs. Well, the story is not uncommon for show business stars. In addition, concerts are so popular that tickets on sale cannot be found, and the singer herself is bombarded with gifts and letters. Unsurprisingly, one fan literally went crazy when he didn't get a response to his hundred letters. Following the proverb about the mountain and Mohammed, on November 14, 1991, he went in search of the object of worship. In the recording studio, he was denied an address, for which the intractable secretary paid with her life from the maniac's shot. The fan left one more bullet for himself ... And Farmer usually refuses the offered protection.

The singer stopped giving interviews a long time ago, nothing is known about her. In fact, Mylene communicates with journalists, although he does it quite rarely, preferring monosyllabic answers. Although not so long ago, she gave an exclusive large interview, in which she told a lot of interesting things. It became known that Farmer dreams of becoming immortal, he treats plastic surgery badly, but, on the contrary, he treats healthy eating well. Readers learned that it is very difficult for the singer to find a kindred spirit, and for many actions she simply does not have enough courage. By the way, Milen also refers to these as having children.

Mylene Farmer doesn't like children. This myth was born on the basis that in the singer's videos, children appear either weak or evil. Perhaps such images are accompanied by memories of her childhood, which remained behind the curtain for inquisitive journalists - after all, the singer does not like to remember him, citing forgetfulness. One thing is for sure, the time of childhood did not become a bright and bright memory for Mylene. Although her parents did not bully her, the girl felt that something was wrong. In addition, every Sunday she visited the patients of the Gachet hospital, where she encountered autistic patients, paralyzed ... Do you really want to remember such a childhood? At the end of the 80s, the stars presented their own mini-films on television. Farmer's plot told about the Gachet hospital. The singer talked about a girl with fragility of bones. The name of her ailment sounded too beautiful for a disease ... It is clear that the image of the child-hater does not fit in with Mylene. It would seem that she is not going to become a mother herself, but there is a myth ...

Mylene Farmer has a child. And this is true, and his name is as the hero of the Steven Spielberg film - E.T. Farmer says of him: "He is afraid of drafts, and I do my best to ensure that he does not catch a cold." Mylene allows her child any pranks, she herself playing with him. About E.T. they even made a small film, it shows how the baby sleeps, curled up in a ball, how he drinks, how he stains the sheets with a ballpoint pen. Farmer is having fun with this fidget behavior, it is impossible to take away his favorite toy, because he screams loudly. E.T. playing with the phone, scattering matches, playing with plush toys, eating sweets. But the peculiarity of the baby is that he is a monkey. Milen considers it charming that a small copy of a person lives with her, in the future she would like to have several more monkeys in the house. The singer has no child, which indicates her difficult attitude towards herself, children and the world around her.

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