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Adultery, or adultery, is the voluntary intercourse of a person who is married and someone other than a spouse. The definition of treason is interpreted in different ways in different legal systems. In the history of mankind, treason has always been severely punished. Some countries even used the death penalty.

The essence of cheating is that people try to get what they were deprived of in their relationship. In the course of the relationship, the partner is perceived as who he is, and not who he would like to become. Cheating allows a person to start from scratch.

Despite moral norms, church prohibitions and even legal complications, betrayal is a frequent phenomenon in the life of modern society. Around this phenomenon, there are many rumors that present adultery in a favorable or unfavorable light. Let's try to consider the main ones.

People cheat by being unhappy at home. For a woman, this statement is usually true. Having been married for several years and not finding the expected return in it, ladies are capable of treason. For men, this is not always the reason. Even happily married men can afford to have fun on the side, knowing that they can get away with it. According to the survey, those representatives of the stronger sex who cheat are happily married in 56% of cases! For women, this percentage is much lower - 34%.

Women change less often than men. Previously, this was true, but recently the figures have roughly equalized. The reasons for the betrayal of women and men have become the same. Everyone is looking for something new, interesting, albeit fraught with risk. Women are cheating, as if proving to their spouse that there is someone who will appreciate her, give her affection, tenderness, and will not ignore her. Cheating is an "ego accelerator." For a surge of vivacity, it is no longer enough for ladies to just buy cosmetics or a new thing. On the other hand, flirting on the side can improve self-esteem. Women are not yet fed up with novels as men, it is difficult to hide from the pangs of conscience. But the ladies are better at hiding their infidelities by deceiving the spouses.

Friendship between a man and a woman is impossible, the relationship will inevitably develop into love. It would be a mistake to think that a man always seeks to turn friendships into romance. For most unfaithful men, cheating is just a good opportunity for sex. And no one bothers with the intricacies of psychological relationships. Psychologists say that it is women who seek to give platonic relationships new facets, in the form of sex. Ladies are more emotional, they seek to test friendship, is it possible to improve the situation in their favor? Therefore, women usually initially seek a soul mate.

The main thing in cheating is sexual relations. The reason that romances on the side are associated with intimacy is that in public morality, sex with another partner is a kind of taboo. But sex is not the main reason for cheating. Novels arise from the fact that a person does not receive something important for himself in marriage. People sometimes do not even designate for themselves what they are looking for. The reasons may lie in the subconscious. Someone brings into life what he was deprived of in childhood, and someone - in his youth. Even the ideal partner can leave his half, because she is simply tired of perfection.

A loving spouse is incapable of cheating. Cheating cannot be unambiguously considered a sign of lack of love. But the fact that the partner has lost respect and ceased to honor his moral obligations is already a fact. The spouses' value systems have ceased to coincide. There are couples who share sex and love. For such people, physical sexual contact with another person does not affect feelings in any way. Treason can even warm up people's feelings, give them a certain "peppercorn".

Sex with former partners cannot be considered cheating. For some reason, many people believe that sex with an ex is not considered cheating, since it has already happened before and this, in fact, does not change anything. Such people believe that only closeness with new people is a betrayal of the current relationship. The new partner can potentially destroy the family, but the old one cannot, since the relationship with him has come to naught long ago. This theory is wrong! Having sex with a former lover can have serious consequences. If for one partner this is entertainment, pleasant memories, then for another it may well be a desperate act to renew the relationship.

There are surefire ways to insure yourself against cheating. No one can give guarantees against treason, you can only reduce the chances of this event. The main thing is not just to make a person happy, but then to rely on his conscience, family values, morality. It is important to choose the right partner in whom you will be 100% sure. And this is exactly what will be the best guarantee against betrayal.

He who cheated in the old relationship, will cheat in the new. Practice shows that this statement usually turns out to be true. If a person has already betrayed his previous relationship, without changing anything in his worldview, then, most likely, a repetition of the situation should be expected from him in the new relationship.

You must confess to treason. If one of the partners knows or guesses about the betrayal, then the confessions of the other side in what has happened have a great chance of saving the relationship. In this situation, frankness is quite appropriate - it is better to confess voluntarily, to repent, than to wait for exposure. However, in the case when nothing threatens the safety of secrets, it is better to remain silent. Otherwise, you can get a flash of anger, especially from an emotional partner. Talking about cheating will destroy any trusting relationship between people, it often takes years to return to the previous level. It is better to think about the reasons for such an act, about the consequences. Maybe we should stop? Maybe something can be fixed in family relationships?

Treason, only then can be considered treason, if someone knows about it. Many people ask the question - is there any point in reproaching yourself for adultery if no one finds out about it? Suppose a casual connection. You will never see this person again, the condom was put on, no one would know about it, therefore, there was no betrayal? It all depends on you and your views. If for a person there is nothing wrong with the very fact of treason, the more hidden, then this really does not matter. However, most people still see something shameful and immoral in betrayal.

A relationship without sex is not cheating. In fact, emotional betrayal, which is accompanied by the bond of people who have gone from platonic feelings to romantic relationships, is the worst variant of cheating. Such a relationship has its own characteristics: a married person pretends to be single, secret correspondence by e-mail or SMS, dedication of other people (not a partner) into the details of his intimate life.

Sexual fantasies are cheating. This statement is not true. After all, even many psychotherapists advise couples with experience to fantasize about other partners. Cheating in the head is not cheating in bed. Although many believe that this is only the first step from the "left" hike. Although, for specialists, the meaning of such imaginary pictures is the realization of sexual desires just with the current partner. Imaginary cheating can be brighter and more exciting than real cheating. Therefore, strong fantasies can help resurrect faded feelings.

A marriage can be saved by treason. This myth is very convenient for those who cheat. Such an opinion seems to justify a bad deed. But this is a delusion. It is difficult to imagine a married couple who would argue that cheating is the best thing that has happened to them. This does not occur. Cheating is always a violation of some oath, loss of trust. Even among married couples who have survived betrayal, resentment, bitterness, understatement and distrust remain in their souls.

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