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Adoption (adoption) is the adoption of a child into a family on the basis of blood rights, with all the ensuing rights and obligations. It is the priority form of the device. The number of orphans in Russia is very large - the official figure is 730 thousand people. This is more than immediately after the Great Patriotic War in the entire Soviet Union.

Many famous people abroad, such as Madonna, Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone, are adopting children. What drives them? Why are our Russian orphanages overcrowded, while potential adoptive parents do not seek to disassemble orphans? Below we will look at the typical misconceptions that prevent people from adopting a foster child.

Adoption myths

All children in the orphanage are sick. In fact, each child undergoes a thorough medical examination, you will be warned of any problems in his body and you can decide whether to take a child with a disease or choose another.

The adopted child will repeat the fate of his blood parents, he has a bad heredity. For this reason, many potential adoptive parents refuse to take children from an orphanage into their family, but this myth has no basis at all. To a greater extent, the further life of such a baby depends on education.

The adoption procedure is very long and expensive. In fact, all administrative issues related to adoption can be resolved within a short time frame. You will need the following references:
- a copy of the marriage certificate;
- a copy of the birth certificate (when the child is adopted by an unmarried person);
- when a child is adopted by one of the spouses - the consent of the other spouse;
- medical report on the health status of the adoptive parents;
- certificate from the place of work about the position held and income;
- autobiography;
- characteristics from the place of work;
- an extract from the house book from the place of registration of the adoptive parents;
- a copy of the personal financial account from the place of registration of the adoptive parents;
- certificate of no criminal record.
As you can see, the list of required documents is not that big and it is quite possible to collect everything in a month and a half. All references are free.

If a child finds out that he is not native, conflicts will begin. No less conflict situations arise with their own children. Often adopted children learn this information from neighbors, which leads to the child's rejection of this fact. Parents should tell the child the truth themselves after reaching a certain age in order to exclude speculation.

If I am not married, I will be refused adoption. If you do not have a disability, are not recognized by the court as incompetent, have sufficient earnings and permanent residence, there will be no refusal.

The native child will be against it. Childhood jealousy is directed not only at the adoptive brother / sister, with relatives the same story. Over time, everything will fall into place and the children will become friends. But you do not have to bear and give birth - you will get a ready-made child, and even a certain gender and age!

The blood relatives of the adopted baby can present their claims. This is an extremely rare case, since, most often, children in shelters are orphans or so-called. "social orphans", their parents lead an asocial lifestyle and are not interested in children.

Fear that you will not be able to love someone else's child. People who decide on adoption easily go through this stage and treat children as if they were relatives. The maternal instinct manifests itself earlier in some, later in others, but a rare woman is completely deprived of it.

If the child does not suit me, I can return him to the orphanage. This extreme step is usually taken by adoptive parents who make high demands on children and, when the latter do not live up to expectations, return them. Also, the guardianship authorities have the right to demand the cancellation of adoption in the event that the adoptive parents do not fulfill their duties or for other reasons, based on the interests of the child (Chapter 19 of the Family Code). The procedure is carried out only in court.

There is a queue for children in Russia. The number of abandoned children is so great that they will be enough for everyone. Of course, if you certainly want to adopt a newborn girl with blue eyes, you will have to wait for a while until one is found, but eye color is such a trifle compared to the smile of a loving child, isn't it?

Adoption is a feat. Many couples undergo treatment for years, spend huge amounts of money on artificial insemination, but do not decide to adopt, while others take adopted children into the family, not because they consider it a heroism, but simply because they want to have a child.

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