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For those who like to shop online, Black Friday is a special event. The tradition of sales and discounts on a certain day originated in the United States, but recently it has begun to spread throughout the world.

The dates of such an action vary, traditionally it is Friday after Thanksgiving. And if in America on Black Friday there is a real crowd of buyers, then it is not so easy for us to take advantage of interesting overseas offers.

In addition, the issue of delivery of goods remains relevant. Numerous myths about Black Friday prevent this.

Black friday myths

Black Friday starts on Friday. Despite the fact that the name of the shopping holiday directly speaks of the day of its beginning, the situation is not so clear-cut. Traditionally, Black Friday started after Thanksgiving, but more recently, sales start right on this holiday. Some stores start the promotion even earlier. As a result, the best deals may end before Black Friday itself. And sometimes there can be a short period between the start of the action and Christmas. In 2014 - only 26 days. Retailers start sales at the end of October to close the hot season with maximum benefit.

The stores have large stocks of promotional items. Buyers are always interested in products with the maximum discount. In fact, most often these are budget products that on Black Friday can create a buzz and attract customers to stores. Usually, retailers cannot afford to throw many discounted products on sale, their number is limited. So only the most persistent buyer will get them. But some stores have found a way out of this situation - they offer a considerable guaranteed number of promotional items, which customers cannot but like.

Specialty items can only be purchased in stores. Typically, specialty items are advertised so that they can only be purchased at retail. But the competition has become so fierce that the best deals are increasingly found on the Internet. Recently, up to 70% of the range of retail stores could be purchased online, with prices being either the same or even less. And the competition even on the Internet remains very high. So sellers are looking for new forms of platforms and customer acquisition.

Shopping on Black Friday is a risky business. It seems that going to the store at this time turns into an extreme adventure. Television frightens with the spectacle of fights and crowds of aggressive buyers. Luckily for most people, they won't have to face it. There will always be aggressive and embittered people, but on Black Friday there are no more of them than usual. And the shops themselves keep order. They don't want their reputation to suffer. It is more likely that crowds will roam the stores and the shelves are cluttered than a real fight.

On Black Friday, stores make the best deals of the year. This well-deserved time is considered the best time for shopping, but not all goods will be profitable. Winter clothes are unlikely to be on sale with big discounts; they will fall in price in a few weeks, at the end of the season. And prices for most other goods will remain at the average level. So in order to purchase a really profitable product, you have to find it first. It is best to prepare for this in advance - write out average monthly prices for the product of interest in order to understand its real cost.

The biggest discounts on Black Friday. Some retail giants can offer huge discounts, which is horrifying for retail stores. As a result, they cannot compete with the same Amazon. The battle for the buyer is being fought on the fields of online retailers such as Best Buy or Home Depot. In some cases, regular stores simply do not find such discounts as on the Internet.

The best Black Friday deals are known in advance. When preparing for sales, stores usually make a list of products for which discounts are not communicated to anyone in advance. Stores even follow competitors and their promotions. That is why price cuts are announced at the last moment so that other stores do not have time to prepare a better option. The buyer, on the other hand, has to study the current discounts and promotions in the midst of the hot season, as they can change quickly.

There are no discounts on luxury goods and designer items on this day. A large number of inexpensive items are usually sold on Black Friday. It seems that this is usually all. But recently, shops with expensive luxury products have begun to take part in the Black Friday sales. And this experience turned out to be successful, so you should constantly expect discounts from designers at this time.

Items purchased on Black Friday can always be returned. Stores give good discounts, but for this they tighten their return policy for goods purchased at sales. It becomes quite difficult for buyers to return what they suddenly no longer like for some reason. Some sellers refuse to accept the goods even if the customer presents a purchase receipt.

Black Friday participants risk missing out on Cyber ​​Monday. Black Friday turns into big expenses, it seems that on Cyber ​​Monday, the wallet will not be enough. But on this day, shops make good discounts on electronics. But experience shows that Cyber ​​Monday is also causing a stir. The best deals with the biggest discounts were on Monday. So this day has already become for shopaholics no less important than Black Friday. You can't miss it.

There is no risk of paying by card on the Internet. Buying a product seems simple when you can select a product you like in an online store and immediately pay for it with a credit card. In fact, the only guaranteed way to protect your personal information and funds during the holiday rush is to buy with cash. But not everyone does this, so the best thing to do is to simply approach the issue of purchases with the utmost caution. It's better to pay with a credit card, not a debit card. Any conscientious online shopper should regularly update their passwords and monitor their account status to prevent unauthorized transactions. At the slightest sign of fraud, an urgent need to contact the bank.

The product with the highest discount is of the lowest quality. Usually they sell stale goods at a high discount or poor quality things that are out of fashion. This includes DVDs, outdated electronics, unfashionable clothing. But this trend is gradually changing. The fact is that the already cheap equipment can no longer be sold cheaper. To make such a product attractive, sellers begin to improve its characteristics. For example, a laptop can get a more powerful configuration, the TV can contain branded components. In any case, it is beneficial for the buyer, as the efficiency of the funds spent increases.

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