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Meaning of the name

Zemfira translated from Latin means "rebellious".


Zemfira is a beautiful, charming woman, maybe a little slow and prone to laziness. She does everything slowly, so she gives the impression of being capricious, spoiled, self-absorbed.

However, in fact, she notices everything and is interested in everything. Zemfira is able to play a trick on someone she disliked in an evil manner. She very sharply and painfully reacts to the bad attitude of others towards herself, but literally flourishes in a friendly environment.

Zemfira does not make a career as a business woman. And she does not strive for it, since she is interested in professions associated with the wonderful side of life. She can be a dancer, dramatic actress, singer (especially since she usually has artistic and musical data) or works, for example, in a flower shop.

These women are quite sociable, but they never fully reveal their inner world to those around them. They are always shrouded in a veil of secrecy, reticence, which often becomes the cause of misunderstanding and gossip.


Zemfira is sweet and attractive, men look at her, and women often dislike her, feeling that this woman carries a potential danger to their family well-being.

But, from an early age, surrounded by the attention of men, Zemfira marries late, as she is looking for her ideal, ignoring fans who do not correspond to this ideal. Strong and uncompromising, she rarely forgives offenses and never forgets the insults inflicted on her.

Those born in the fall are a little constrained, rarely feel free in an unfamiliar society and when dealing with members of the opposite sex. They are wonderful needlewomen. They love to be photographed. Having married, they live in their parents' house.

Those born in winter dress brightly, they are vain, flirtatious and emotional. They cannot stand loneliness, their element is noisy large companies where you can express yourself in all its splendor. They have many fans and do not give up light flirting even after marriage.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Zemfira gives the impression of something soft, calm, and at the same time strong, durable, persistent and persistent.

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