Male Yiddish names

Male Yiddish names

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Aizik - laughing
Alter - old, elder
Anshel - happy
Arke - bringing light
Avrom - father of many children
Avrum is a father of many children
Aizik - laughing

Beneš - Blessed
Ber - bear

Velvel - wolf

Gavrel - a man of God, a warrior of God
Herschel - deer
Gersh - deer

Dovid - beloved

Zalman - shadowy, hidden
Zeff - wolf
Zelig - saint, blessed
Zeke - laughing
Zindel - son, son
Zusman is a sweet, pleasant person
Sussmann is a sweet, pleasant person

Isser is a soldier of God
Isser - a soldier of God
Issur - soldier of God
Itzik - laughing

Kapel - substitute, substitute
Koppel - substitute, substitute
Kuzmir is a peaceful commander

The laser is the one whom God helped
Lemel - the little meek lamb
Lion - lion
Lew - lion
Lieber - beloved
Lieber - favorite

Manish is a very strong, tough person
Machel - happy
Mendel is a comforter
Moyshe - Elongated, Extracted
Mordshe - a small man devoted to Mars
Motel - Loyal to Marduk (Mars)
Motke - Loyal to Marduk (Mars)

Seff - wolf
Sekel - laughing
Selig - happy
Sroel - soldier of God
Srol is a soldier of God

Tavel is the devil
Tevye is a gracious, kind God

Fayvish - shining
Feivel - shining
Feibush - shining
Favel - shining
Fishel is a small fish
Fiske - a small fish

Haskell - fortified by God
Heschel - deer
Hashl - deer
Hirsch - deer
Hirschel - deer
Hyman - life
Haimi - life

Chaskell - fortified by God
Chatskel - fortified by God

Schimmel - listening

Elya - my Lord
Eli - God is my Lord
Elkan - created by God, by God

Yudel is a Jew
Yussel - God's addition

Yankel - substitute, substitute

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