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Meaning of the name

Vladislav translated from Old Slavic means "owning glory".


Little Vladislav's favorite pastime is lighting matches. At the same time, he is so impressive that a lit newspaper gives him the impression of a fire, and instead of flooding it with water, he runs to call his neighbors. It's good if they end up at home ...

Vladislav is very fond of reading and talking with his mother. If she is upset, she will begin to console her by bringing the ingenuous "adult" consolations she heard from her grandmother. Since childhood, he is tactful with girls, he preserves respect for a woman throughout his life. The most beautiful girl in the class becomes the object of worship.

This is not to say that Vlad's character belongs to the category of simple ones. The energy of this name inclines a person to sufficient firmness, awakening such traits as good willpower, stamina, external openness.

At the same time, he has a clearly expressed second plan: the name, as it were, opens up to its owner the possibility of another life, hidden from the eyes of others. Probably, intuitively sensing this opportunity, many consider Vlad a man, as they say, on his own mind, not really trusting his seeming openness.

I must say that this feature of the name primarily affects Vladislav himself; and not that this double life was something out of the ordinary - in fact, very many people tend to behave in public differently than in any other environment, calling it diplomacy; It's just that such thoughts began to occur to Vlad at a young age. Well, since thoughts come, it is difficult not to notice the obvious convenience of such a position.

In practice, this usually leads to the fact that Vlad rarely argues to the point of hoarseness: he would better agree, but remain unconvinced. Or, for example, when a company expects such qualities from him that he does not like, he plays this role (unless, of course, it is humiliating), but he will not forget for a second that this is just a game.

Only in private with especially close friends can Vlad unexpectedly open up, which is sometimes able to pretty surprise those around him, showing completely unexpected features.

On the other hand, possessing considerable power, the name requires Vlad to maintain his dignity, and therefore he is unlikely to flatter before anyone, and because of this you cannot call him two-faced. He can keep quiet, play an understanding person, but he is unlikely to humble himself to flattery and sycophant.

Another characteristic feature, to which Vladislav is inclined by the energetic of his name, is irony, bordering on mockery. This quality is especially manifested when Vlad's position in society begins to strengthen; sometimes he even becomes obnoxious with his irony. By the way, it is behind her that it is easiest to hide real thoughts.

The family life of Vladislav can develop in different ways, it all depends on what is behind his soul. There are times when, seduced by his public mask, a woman is disappointed in the true Vlada.

If Vladislav wears this mask at home, then, most likely, sooner or later he will begin to seek relaxation on the side. In addition, even having secret thoughts himself, he is able to turn into a terrible jealous person.

The Vladislavs mostly give birth to girls whom he loves very much. A stay-at-home, a non-drinker, he prefers home peace to parties. Helps his wife. More often monogamous. Maintaining fidelity in marriage does not require much effort from him.

Possessing a fair amount of persistence, Vladislav can successfully use his qualities in business, in a political career, in leadership positions. Very developed artistic abilities can also find their application.


Vladislav is rarely alone. He strives for understanding, needs people who are able to listen to him. He is stimulated by sexual diversity, and he does not consider it immoral to change often.

Thinking about marriage, Vladislav delays it as long as possible. But if he still chooses a spouse for himself, then one for life.

Vladislav tries to free himself from teacher's and parental instructions as early as possible and starts engaging in sex early. His connections seem to be messy. He simply does not believe in the ideal, he wants to enjoy communication with an unlimited number of people.

Vladislav sometimes lowers his requirements when choosing a sexual partner and reduces sex to a biological necessity, being content with the first woman he finds. Without knowing it, he often offends a woman in love with him with indifference and restraint.

Vladislav is inexperienced in sexual maneuvers, it is easy to win over him. He speaks about his intentions openly, and often this sincerity lets him down. Never allow yourself to show disrespect for Vladislav's mind and personality, do not give him a reason to think that for you he is just a tool for getting pleasure. This he will not tolerate.

Vladislav is curious, he wants to gain sexual experience in all its diversity, to try everything. When he finally gets married, he expresses his sexual desires frankly.

However, if he is not satisfied with his wife, he rarely gets divorced, since he usually marries for convenience. But he can directly and sharply say that, if necessary, he will seek satisfaction with other women.

Vladislav does not consider physical treason a betrayal, he is loyal to his wife and family in his own way, reliable in emergency situations, always ready to take on the family problems that have arisen.

He pays a lot of attention to his appearance, loves gloss. Knows how to impress a woman, win her over. Has numerous novels, often changes partners. But even after marriage, his interest in women continues unabated. Not every woman can withstand his love affairs, so he is rarely happily married.


Turquoise blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Vladislav gives the impression of something majestic, strong, loud, powerful, active, joyful.

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