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Meaning of the name

Vissarion translated from ancient Greek means "giving life".


Since childhood, he has a complex character, very persistent and stubborn. Vissarion looks like his mother, but has a paternal character. Vissarion is very kind and sympathetic, does not tolerate falsehood at all, can break off such a relationship without any regret.

He is very curious, interested in history, but his profession, as a rule, is not connected with this science. Vissarion is not capable of envy, this feeling is simply alien to him. Vissarion is successfully engaged in photography and video shooting, can work in medicine, as well as on television.

Vissarion marries late, his married life is going well, but he has to constantly reconcile his wife with his mother, who demands too much from her daughter-in-law.

Vissarion, born in winter, is very stubborn and persistent in achieving his goal, has an innate business acumen, but he is too quick-tempered. Hardworking, has certain talents, is able to achieve a lot in life.

Born in summer, Vissarion is sociable and hospitable, a passionate collector.

Vissarion does not really like long trips, especially if this is not a vacation, but a necessity.

Vissarion is not trusting, because he is deceived a lot in life, he is hardworking, persistently goes to the intended goal. He treats career growth calmly, if not very successful, does not get upset.


Vissarion strives to be the best in any business, and the sphere of sex is no exception in this sense. The concept of loyalty is not always of great importance to him. Vissarion is very affectionate and gentle in sex and appreciates these qualities in his chosen one.

Vissarion, born in spring, loving, with strong erotic emotions, clearly separating love from sex. If he falls in love, he usually evokes the strongest reciprocal feelings in his partner.

Vissarion's sexual life is spontaneous, he does not like to plan his sexual relations.

In marriage, he views sex as a means to reward his wife for her loyalty, caring, and warmth. Often in his youth, he suffers the trauma of unrequited love, which he remembers all his life.

When planning to marry, he carefully chooses a wife for himself, so as not to repeat the previous mistakes. In love, Vissarion is endlessly passionate.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini.


The sound of the name Vissarion gives the impression of something strong, loud.

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