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Meaning of the name

Valentine in Latin means "healthy".


Valentine grows up as an obedient and diligent child. In childhood, he is friends with girls, protects them from offenders. He is observant and unobtrusive. He reaches out to his grandfather, and it will be very good if he helps his grandson to breed fish, since the boy is inclined to contemplation.

As a teenager, Valentin begins to get involved in philosophy and psychology, he can turn out to be a good psychiatrist or psychotherapist. He is endowed with other abilities and, having a strong will, often achieves great success in various fields of activity.

Valentine is a loyal friend, comrades trust him with their secrets. He prefers a good book to a football match. Usually does not smoke, but he treats people who smoke, including a smoking wife, indulgently.

Likes to pick mushrooms, fish, just breathe fresh air in nature. But it is difficult to drag it into the mountains. The suburban area is also not one of his hobbies. Chess and crosswords are for him.

The culinary skills of his wife are not crucial for Valentine. He is content with a sandwich and a sumptuous dinner, not noticing, however, that his wife expects praise from him in both the first and second cases. Do not be offended by him - it even has its own charm. Valentine will never quarrel over the fact that the refrigerator is empty.

In a woman he values ​​modesty, complaisance and quiet disposition. He easily finds a common language with his wife's parents, does not refuse to help neighbors and loved ones. He is not one of the drinkers. Not falling in love, remains faithful to his wife, which sometimes even serves as the subject of jokes of friends. It is better not to give Valentine a reason for jealousy.


Wanting to strengthen her relationship with her partner, she tries to give sex a diverse character. Much in his intimate relationships depends on external conditions, he can not always receive satisfaction, is too sensitive to interference, foreign smells, disgust.

Valentine devotes a lot of time to preliminary sexual play, knows how to maintain the necessary excitement in his partner, giving her the greatest pleasure. When sexual desire reaches its highest point, he skillfully cools his ardor, which allows him to increase the duration of intercourse.

Valentine is sexually active, able to quickly recuperate. The greatest pleasure is obtained while reaching a climax with a partner. In case of dissatisfaction, he tends to immerse himself in his inner world, closes in himself, becomes irritable.

Valentine is very sexy and does not hide it, he perfectly understands the intimate needs of his partner, knows how to satisfy them. Has the gift of attracting people, especially women. He is inclined to idealize his beloved, can put up with many of her shortcomings, and most often does not notice them at all.

Valentine has unlimited possibilities in sex, he has a vivid imagination, knows many erotic tricks. After reaching orgasm, he remains in an excited state and ready for new stimulation.

For Valentine, there are no frigid women, he can make a hetero out of the most inexperienced. Attentive and helpful in intimate relationships. Curious, interested in erotic literature.

Valentine in marriage is stubborn, persistent, rarely helps his wife with the housework, everything lies on the shoulders of his wife. He is not stingy, not interested in where his spouse spends his money, but he is picky in culinary terms. He does not eat everything, is squeamish, loves only delicious dishes.

In order for the marriage to be successful, he needs to marry a "summer" woman. Children of different sexes are born. He is laconic, rarely talks about his family affairs, even with close friends, he experiences failures alone.


Pink blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Valentine gives the impression of something good, kind, calm, majestic.

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