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Meaning of the name

Benjamin translated from Hebrew means "beloved son".


An amazingly soft and plastic name. It is like clay, which is capable of flowing in the hands of a master and taking the desired shape, since nothing dangerous can be blinded from this material. Usually this leads to the fact that Venya from childhood grows up as a kind and rather gentle child.

Benjamin is not conflicted, lends itself well to education, at the same time, he has sufficient perseverance in business and good flexibility of mind.

It is highly undesirable if his upbringing is too tough; as a result, Benjamin, who is not inclined to open confrontation, will actually learn to use his mobile mind for any tricks. However, much more often this quality is manifested in a well-developed imagination and dreaminess.

Benjamin is often talented. And since he is also stubborn in achieving the goal, this person has all the possibilities for a high professional takeoff. These men tend to get their way.

But everything will turn out better if the parents and teachers notice the boy's giftedness in time. In their youth, they are romantics, rarely one of them does not write poetry. At the same time, they are pragmatists, and poetry does not take them far from earthly affairs.

The life of such men is not strewn with roses: they are very compliant and are always ready to give up their benefits, just not to infringe on another. They concede not only in a dispute, but also when it comes to a higher position or a queue for an apartment, and, of course, indulge the whims of the mother-in-law ...

In a word, it would not hurt for him to learn some firmness in relations with people, and in the family it is not out of place to show character. Otherwise, Benjamin may simply get tired of all this and start looking for the necessary rest in the bottle.

In general, the name is quite favorable for engaging in creativity or some kind of science, where in the quiet of his office Benjamin can be truly happy and his creative imagination is able to find a way into completely incredible and mysterious worlds of knowledge.


Benjamin loves women, has success with them. However, for sexual satisfaction, he tries to find an experienced partner. He easily seduces women, but rarely maintains long-term relationships with anyone. He tries not to bind himself with obligations, his novels are often fleeting.

Every woman who tries to bind him to herself suffers a fiasco. Benjamin must choose his own spouse. And the main criteria for him are her intelligence and ability to be a good mother and housewife.

Benjamin will never resort to violence, all violence kills desire in him. He perfectly knows the psychology of a woman and knows how to influence her without any pressure. He is careful and very sensitive, patient and tolerant of other people's shortcomings.

Benjamin can take care of a woman he likes for a long time. He does not like to change partners often, becomes attached to a friend. It is very important for him to immediately find a partner who meets his requirements, otherwise he will definitely marry a not quite suitable one, and then a divorce is inevitable.

He needs love and a warm, trusting relationship with a partner; not everyone can meet his needs. He is secretive and will not allow a single woman to penetrate into her inner world.

However, he is gullible, and any experienced woman can endear him, albeit not for long. Benjamin is unusually affectionate in love preludes, is very sexual, easily enters into sexual intercourse and experiences the greatest pleasure in a simultaneous orgasm. Often in this way Benjamin relieves mental stress. But he will never enjoy the trust of his beloved, tries not to deceive hopes, if they have already emerged in her soul.

It is because of his decency that Benjamin's first marriage most often ends in divorce. He cannot offend his partner, often acts as a peacemaker. An experienced woman can take advantage of this and marry him to herself. And a virgin has nothing to worry about at all, he will never act dishonestly with her.

Benjamin is fastidious, picky in sexual relations. Prefers long love foreplay and sophisticated caresses, shows tenderness. Carefully prepares a woman for intercourse.

Benjamin prefers to lead in sex, takes the initiative and leads the process. She chooses a calm and affectionate partner, does not tolerate screams during orgasm, does not tolerate rudeness on her part.

Benjamin has a difficult relationship with his household, he is grumpy, dissatisfied with many. Does not always understand his wife, likes to impose his ideas, the mood is very changeable. Too proud, overly intelligent and meticulous in everything. Unbalances others. For a successful union, a "summer" woman will suit him.


Matte turquoise.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Benjamin gives the impression of something safe, kind, gentle, feminine.

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