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Meaning of the name

Basil translated from ancient Greek means "royal".


Vasily is a bright person, his soul is wide open. Whatever business he does, he does everything for pleasure. It is difficult to piss him off. He is calm, sometimes even phlegmatic, but he is open with people, benevolent, he finds a common language with everyone.

You cannot call Vasily active, he prefers that events go on as usual. Thanks to his well-developed intuition, he manages to feel the connection of seemingly completely dissimilar phenomena and combine them perfectly.

Vasily has a strong will. He is able to prevent the unreasonable actions of others, although he rarely decides to interfere in other people's affairs. Vasily is characterized by a strong connection with nature, he is a subtly sensitive nature.

Strong, domineering, knows his own worth. Usually stubborn, never discouraged, strives for perfection. He is weakly connected with his family. She does not feel particularly strong attachments to her loved ones and gives them complete freedom to control their own destiny.

He has a hard time in life. Excellent memory combined with curiosity allows you to deal with a variety of problems and develop your own opinion on each issue. He combines objectivity and subjectivity, self-confidence with some indecision.

In childhood, he loves to tinker with animals and birds, he will never offend a defenseless creature. Vasya is a favorite of grandparents. He constantly needs to be in the company of his peers. Communication with friends is in the first place for Vasily. He may come into conflict with his wife in order to prevent infringement of the interests of a friend.

Vasily likes his work, but he will not strive for superiority in his business, so as not to hurt the ambitious thoughts of his friends. One of the few negative qualities of Vasily is his addiction to alcohol.

He is conscientious about his duties and has good professional qualities. Vasily loves football and hockey, but does not play himself, but prefers to cheer on the podium in the company of friends.

In relations with women, Vasily seeks to demonstrate knightly qualities, and he is pleased if his aspirations are noted. Vasily is a man of duty. He will not even think about divorce if it turns out that his wife is not the most pleasant character or she is a bad housewife. Vasily will meekly accept all everyday inconveniences and will not complain about his fate.

The birth of a child for Vasily is a huge event. He has the strongest feelings for his children, somewhat comparable to those of mothers. Vasily does not have problems in relations with his father-in-law, but he treats his mother-in-law with caution.


Vasily lives an active sex life; being in love, capable of rash acts. More guided by instinct than reason.

Deep love feelings are not for him. By nature, an extrovert, cheerful person, easily excited, can captivate and intrigue any beauty. Has a lot of intimate contacts, tireless in sex.

Eloquent, during intimate relationships he skillfully uses it, whispers beautiful words to his partner, knows who to say what. He perfectly remembers the needs and inclinations of each of his women, will never confuse. Knows how to give a partner's orgasm a bright and acute psychological character.

Persistent and demanding of a partner, does not recognize refusal, achieves its goal, finding a psychological approach to every woman. In intercourse, he takes the role of a leader, is initiative and skillful.

Vasily has a developed imagination, which, combined with a strong sexual desire, makes him sophisticated in intimate relationships. He is in dire need of the partner's reciprocal feelings, dreams of great love, he hides his feelings until he is convinced of the sincerity and seriousness of the relationship.

In marriage, he is jealous, stubborn, does not like to do housework, does not help his wife. Children of different sexes are born. Marriage with a "summer" woman will be stable.


Cornflower blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Vasily gives the impression of something kind, majestic, powerful, joyful.

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