The most unusual religious rituals

The most unusual religious rituals

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In an attempt to explain the incomprehensible, a person sometimes goes too far. Their authorship belongs sometimes to scammers and sometimes to just madmen.

People commit unhealthy actions all for the sake of faith, which feeds weak and insecure hearts. People are really ready for a lot, for the sake of religious faith.

Throwing children. One of the most extraordinary and dangerous rituals associated with religion is performed in the Indian temple Grishneshwor, which is located in the state of Maharashtra. From its name it is clear that it is about throwing children. For these purposes, babies are used at the age of 1 to 2 years. They are thrown down from a height of 15 meters. But there is nothing dangerous, as it seems, in this - children are caught by their fathers in a pre-stretched sheet. True, accidents are also observed. Over the past 150 years, three children have died in such a strange ritual. In this country, Muslims and Hindus believe that such a procedure will endow abandoned children with health, luck and intelligence. And such a ritual has been carried out here for about 700 years. Believers consider him quite humane, according to their ideas, a child thrown down has more chances to achieve success in life. But the children themselves are very scared, they are preparing for the ritual, as for a terrible test, not understanding its essence. It is not surprising that a child usually experiences psychological trauma from such a procedure. Because of her, children become withdrawn, stop communicating with people, there is a lag in general development.

Burial in the sky. In Tibet, a very strange and even creepy rite is used - people are buried right in the sky. For this, the body of a deceased person is dismembered into many parts, and then hung on high places. For this, trees, mountains, etc. are suitable. Soon, the remains begin to decompose and become food for birds. Buddhists believe that the human body is just a vessel for an immortal soul. In Tibet, it is believed that our mortal shell after death has no value. It was this belief that formed the basis of a strange religious rite. He allows believers to quickly get rid of the corpse of their deceased relative. Although celestial burial is officially illegal, in Tibet it can be done with the consent of all family members.

Aghori. Historians believe that this religious cult became a side branch of the Hindu religion, dissociating itself from it in the XIV century. In India, it is generally accepted that Brahma is the creator of everything. That is why there is no such thing as evil in the world. After all, it is the creation of the Almighty. The followers of the Aghori cult went further in their discussion of the creation of the world. They believe that everything that exists is God, therefore, to refuse something is a kind of blasphemy. Because of this belief, Aghori adepts perform terrible rituals, for example, eating the corpses of dead people. Many believers are engaged in collecting their own feces and other excretions from the human body, because they are given by God.

Church of Maradona. Believers of this teaching worship not an imaginary God, but a very real one. Their idol is the legendary footballer. It must be said that the church approved in his honor already has 60 thousand parishioners in 60 countries of the world. Believers believe that Maradona is the greatest player in the history of football, they pray for their idol as God. Every follower of this religion is obliged to change his middle name, which goes between the main name and the surname, to Diego. Believers call their children by the name of the deity and tell the whole world about the miracles that occur because of faith in Diego Maradona.

Medieval madness. It was a time when real madness was happening in the name of faith. And the Middle Ages is famous not only for romance, which captivated young people through novels or films. Let it be considered that in those days courage and honor were held in high esteem, and valiant knights won the hearts of beautiful ladies at tournaments. And the kings, it seems, were entirely kind and decent, and ruled, relying on wisdom and justice. However, the truth does not come up everywhere. The fact is that in this era there was a real cult of dirt, which was worshiped by all Europeans. Usually people only bathed a couple of times a year. The most revealing example is the example of the Queen of Spain Isabella of Castile, who lived at the end of the 15th century. It turns out that she washed only three times in her life - at birth, before the wedding and before the wedding night. As you might guess, the subordinates lagged little behind their monarchs in this regard. You can think of the lepers who were patiently looked after by the nuns. These kind women even licked the wounds of the sick and ate the scabs of the skin. And all in order to get closer to God and gain holiness. In the Middle Ages, there were also monks who dealt with certain “pearls of God”. The fact is that such believers deliberately took out lice on themselves. When the bloodsucking insects were saturated with the blood of Christians, they immediately became consecrated. Killing such lice was considered a crime. It was believed that a person can repent of his own sins and even the murder of his own kind. This made it possible to receive forgiveness from the church, but the killing of "God's pearls" forever closed the gates to heaven for Christians.

Church of the Flying Monster from Spaghetti. This unusual religion glorifies the very deity who parodies one of the newfangled religions of our time. The Flying Monster was first known to the public in 2005 from an open letter from Bobby Henderson. The message protested against the decision of the Kansas State Board of Education. After all, it allowed teachers to teach intelligent design in schools alongside the traditional teachings of evolution. In his letter, Henderson parodied the entire controversial concept that implies belief in a divine creator. The author has proven that meatballs and spaghetti are God's closest relatives. The great creator of all things, the Spaghetti Monster quickly became an internet meme, gaining thousands of followers. Today, the unusual Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has united more than 7.5 million atheists from all over the world.

Sperm worship. In the eastern highlands, the Pope of New Guinea in 1967, anthropologist Maurice Godelier discovered and described the mysterious Baruya tribe. His whole story is based on the worship of the male seed - sperm. After all, it is she who gives men their strength and courage. Women here generally have the status of lower beings, almost a mistake of nature. They are needed only for one thing - the reproduction of men. In the Baruya tribe, the weaker sex does not have the right to vote, ladies are obliged to obey men without discussion. Women here are passed from house to house, like a thing. They are exchanged for essential goods - onions or salt, which is worth its weight in gold. In order to gain courage and become full-fledged warriors, all the boys here undergo a long training. Already at the age of eight, boys begin to drink the sperm of their older comrades, from the age of 12. This gives them the courage and strength to move to a new stage. If a woman wants to get strength by testing the male seed, then she is simply expelled from the tribe.

Ant "mitten". The most dangerous and aggressive species of ants, Paraponera clavata, lives in South America. The painful sensations of their bites are so acute and resemble gunshot wounds that the insects were nicknamed bullet ants. Some Indian tribes have a rather scary custom. Before a young man can be called a man, he must go through a 10-minute ritual. The teenager puts his hands in special mittens, teeming with little monsters. This ritual leads to temporary paralysis and even blackening of the fingers. Those who have passed such a test say that the pain is as intense as if a hand had been caught in a burning embers. However, it also happens that some Indians even die from painful shock. Then they say that they were simply unworthy to become men. Interestingly, the procedure for fully becoming a real warrior involves a 20-time trial.

Bakists. This American sect mainly includes former followers of the Heavenly Gate cult. These believers came to the conclusion that there is no cosmic struggle between the alien forces of God and the Devil, arguing for the right to control the Earth. The followers of Bakist believe that the case ended with the victory of the Devil, who split the body of God into thousands of pieces. Just in confirmation of their belief in 2006, scientists completed the construction of the Large Hadron Collider, which can, in theory, create those very particles. The LHC sect quickly gained followers around the world who worship a huge scientific device. They believe that the particle accelerator will someday be able to bring back the revered God, the commander of space alien forces.

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