The most unusual types of fitness

The most unusual types of fitness

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Recently, in large cities, interest in a healthy lifestyle and sports in general has noticeably increased. More and more modern people prefer not to rest in noisy nightclubs, but to sleep well.

After all, early in the morning there will be exercises and jogging. So the bicycle is already claiming the title of a full-fledged urban transport. The area of ​​new buildings necessarily involves the presence of not only a supermarket, but also a modern fitness club.

As a result, a person who wants to improve his health is faced with a fairly large number of establishments that offer training opportunities. Here are the most original ones.

Fitness on stiletto heels (Stiletto Fitness). Hairpins are an indispensable attribute of any modern girl. There is even a high-heeled footwear race. Fitness in heels has appeared relatively recently. Such a sports activity was invented in Italy, I must say that it quickly won an army of female fans. Thanks to Stiletto Fitness, women can develop correct posture and strengthen leg muscles. It is believed that such exercises also help develop the vestibular apparatus. Another pleasant bonus of training will be a sexy gait. It is worth noting that this type of fitness is still intended for women who want to maintain their shape. If a lady is overweight, then walking in heels in itself will be a difficult task, not to mention performing some kind of sports exercises. So this type of fitness is not suitable for fatties. Doctors are also critical of this technique, considering it traumatic. Doctors remind that wearing shoes with stiletto heels can lead to arthritis and varicose veins.

Fitness for new recruits (Fitness Boot Camp). For workouts to really work, they need to be attended regularly. This is why discipline is so important in fitness. The creators of the Fitness Boot Camp program are committed to supporting it with all their might. A kind of recruit camp has been set up here. Anyone can get into the program, even if they are not considered liable for military service even by gender and age. Fitness classes are not run by trainers, but by former officers. They seek to force a person to step over his physical capabilities and jump over his head. There are no liberal teams here, the coaches give orders, sometimes even in a raised voice. To fully immerse themselves in the spirit of the camp, the participants are not given uniforms, but camouflage. Exercises are performed not in cozy rooms, but on the street, despite the bad weather. But the Fitness Boot Camp program offers to learn the simplest self-defense techniques.

Callanetics. It is believed that this gymnastics involves uncomfortable postures. A complex of dozens of exercises for stretching and contracting muscles was developed by American Callan Pinckney. To complete each of them, you must engage the whole body. In this case, the back, arms and legs must be turned so that the tension gives off a ringing in the ears. At the same time, the task is not limited to a simple adoption of a difficult pose, you must also try to stay in it for one and a half minutes. Is it any wonder that callanetics exercises have many contraindications, from asthma to poor eyesight. It is believed that this fitness system is generally only suitable for former and experienced athletes. True, you can try to do callanetics in a lightweight version. But one full workout can replace as much as 24 hours of aerobics or 7 hours of shaping.

Trapeze fitness (Jukari Fit to Fly). This technique is the result of mixing the styles of the Reebok company and the famous circus Du Soleil. And it appeared as a result of a sociological survey conducted among women in 25 countries. It turned out that almost all of them understand the benefits of fitness, but only one in four attended workouts regularly. And the reason is not laziness at all, just the classes look uninteresting. Standard bends and push-ups work up fat but get bored. With Jukari Fit to Fly, fitness has become a fun game. To perform all the exercises, special equipment was invented - a FlySet trapezoid attached to the ceiling. It is capable of supporting a weight of up to 150 kg. Thus, fitness becomes a kind of circus gymnastics. Why did the developers of this program focus on the female half, would men really deny themselves the pleasure of losing weight while flying?

Punk rock aerobics (Punk Rock Aerobics). Want to shed those extra pounds? Take up music! Professionals say that live concerts take so much energy that it is fashionable to lose several kilograms at once at a time. And the audience in the hall is not much easier. For two hours they have to jump to the music in one place, which takes no less energy than any aerobics. This fact made the American women Mora Jasper and Hilken Mancini create a special sports program Punk Rock Aerobics. It is based on modeling human behavior at a punk rock concert. Participants shake their heads, play an imaginary guitar, push and shout. And all this happens with the musical accompaniment of such bands as The Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, The Misfits. The creators of this type of fitness travel to different cities in the United States, offering their program. The cost of one lesson does not exceed $ 10. At the same time, anyone can engage in such punk aerobics on their own; for this it is enough to purchase a book, which indicates the basics of an unusual sports program.

Fitness with prayer (Body Gospel). It is not uncommon to hear appeals to God in the gym, when, with the last effort, an approach to the already hated simulator is carried out. But fans of the Body Gospel system have every right to pray out loud, this is welcome during classes. This technique allows you to both lose weight and throw out religious emotions. Donna Richardson Joyner came up with such an unusual fitness. In her opinion, for losing weight, it is enough to believe that God will help a person to accomplish this. And everything else will work out by itself. As a result, Donna's radiant smile inspires participants (or parishioners?) To improve their body and spirit. Church hymns sung by a professional choir help her in this. Such music is a good accompaniment for training. The creators of this program pay attention to the psychological aspect of classes. If a person is exhausted by an ineffectual struggle with his weight, it will be useful to make him feel that he is not alone.

Jumping fitness (Kangoo Jumping). Kangaroo has a connection with sports. And this does not mean releasing the animal for the amusement of the public into the ring with boxing gloves. In fitness centers, in order to lose weight, people are forced to imitate the behavior of a kangaroo and jump for hours in the gym. The Kangoo Jumping system allows you to burn twice as many calories during training as when running. But the load on the joints due to the use of special shoes is reduced. It was these shoes that gave the name to the training program itself. This shoe looks like roller skates, only here instead of rollers there are special springs on the sole. It immediately seems that such a construction is rather uncomfortable, but the instructors assure that the technique of safe jumping on such boots is mastered in a few minutes. The cost of such wonderful kangaroo shoes will cost about $ 250-300, it all depends on the model. The manufacturer guarantees that the springs on the boots can work on any surface, from asphalt to sand.

Fitness with a stroller (Stroller Fitness). For young mothers, it is quite difficult to find time even for a regular exercise, let alone going to the gym or taking yoga classes. And thanks to this fitness technique, you can finally tackle your figure. In this case, the child will be nearby, even if not in his arms, but in a stroller. It is this child's vehicle that Stroller Fitness offers to use as the main sports equipment. Leaning on it, you can do squats, bends, kicks, and even push-ups. In order to start participating in this program, you must first submit a medical certificate stating that the child is at least 6 weeks old. Otherwise, exercise can pose a danger to a woman's health. To do this kind of fitness, a regular stroller will do. If a woman wants to practice in Stroller Fitness on the street, it would be better for her to order a special Stroller Jogger stroller. It has high soft wheels that make the device quite stable. As a result, you can even run with such a stroller and not be afraid that the child will bounce on every bump.

Karaoke fitness (Cardioke). This new kind of fitness is a mixture of seemingly incompatible activities - singing karaoke and cardio. And Billy Blanks Jr. came up with such an occupation. His father in America was a famous fitness guru who invented the tai-bo system. Billy Jr first chose the career of a dancer, he can be seen in the videos of Paula Abdul and Madonna. The technique he invented looks pretty funny from the outside. Several people dance to hip-hop music, trying to sing along with the performer. But this is quite simple only at first glance. The fact is that the exact implementation of the trainer's instructions requires not only a sense of rhythm, but also a developed respiratory system. Otherwise, the matter will end in a failed performance of the first short verse. It should be noted that such fitness has proven to be effective. A regular session lasts only half an hour, and during this time the dancer manages to bring his wards to complete exhaustion.

Street fitness (Thug Workout: Fitness From The Streets). Not everyone can buy a ticket to a fitness club. If a person follows austerity regime, then a street fitness program is suitable for him. This training system provides for training on equipment that is available on any playground. Slides, stairs and horizontal bars are suitable for these purposes. Even fences and frames of unfinished buildings can be a good tool. Such fitness can be an excellent foundation for training future parkourists. The official guidelines for practicing this technique were written by the staff of the music label Ruff Ryders Entertainment. This company is engaged in the promotion of artists in the genre of hip-hop and rap. Street fitness supporters listen to instructions from black instructors who speak the ghetto language. It is sometimes difficult to understand them even for English-speaking people, so it is better to just copy their movements.

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