The most unusual adventures

The most unusual adventures

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Our life would be boring without adventure. Moreover, the more natural adventures are, the more they are appreciated.

Today, there are several fairly well-known and reputable organizations that enable wealthy people to experience the full range of feelings, albeit at times at risk to their lives. But there is no doubt that such unusual adventures will remain in your memory forever.

A solitary cell in a Bolivian prison. In La Paz, Bolivia, you can experience an unusual adventure for as little as US $ 10-100. Inmates of the local colony can take a paid tour of the prison blocks. If you fork out, then you can stay in solitary confinement for the night, taking with you if you wish, a friend. I must say that the funds of tourists have a specific purpose - they go to the improvement of the territory of the prison and buildings. Those prisoners who work as guides noticeably increase their chances of early release. San Pedro Prison is a real colony, it is a settlement, an independent city inside the prison. The prisoners live here with their wives and children, because the conditions are sometimes even better than outside. The administration allowed the prisoners to organize their own internal market, where you can buy any services or delights of local life for money. Some prisoners even start their own businesses within the prison. This could be a shoe or clothing repair shop, a fast food kiosk, or even a casino. The enterprising prison governor, who is considered by many to be corrupt, even managed to conclude an exclusive contract with the Coca-Cola Company. As a result, only soda from this manufacturer is allowed on the territory of the colony. And the competitors of Coca-Cola are one of the few prohibitions here. It should be noted that South American prisons are becoming quite popular - some prisoners even post their video diaries on YouTube.

Rescue from a desert island. How many of us in childhood did not care about the adventures of Robinson Crusoe? We all dreamed of a desert island and a miraculous escape from it. Today, a similar adventure can be experienced on Baylise near Central America. It costs 2500-3000 euros. An English travel agency offers an unusual experience. It invites wealthy people to spend 10 days on a desert island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. An entire expedition is being organized, during which instructors will teach you how to desalinate salt water, how to make a fire without matches, and how to get food in the sea and on land. The inhabitants of the island will build their shelter from the wreckage of the plane. At the end of the course, the group will be "rescued" by a rescue helicopter. But the adventures do not end there, but only begin. According to the scenario, the aircraft crashes right in the open sea. The instructors "die" and the group has to survive on their own. The newly-minted Robinsons have a minimal set of tools on hand, with which they will begin to master the new island. The survivors will have to set up their new camp, and then the adventure will end with the construction of a life raft. On it, the Robinsons will sail to civilization.

Illegal entry into the United States. Everyone knows that getting a visa to enter the United States is not so easy. However, the borders of a great country are not so impregnable. In El Alberto, Mexico, you can experience a unique secret border crossing experience for just $ 20. Those who wish will feel the full range of risks - barking dogs, shots from border guards and howling sirens. In fact, this is just a created reconstruction, because the weapon is not loaded, and the dogs do not bite. Nevertheless, the organizers promise a full range of emotions. The imaginary defectors will first be taken in a pickup truck into the thick of the rainforest. This is where travel to the United States begins. The fugitives will hide from the border guards among lianas, trees and thorny bushes. The group is led by a proven instructor, "coyote". He will tell you when to lie down on the ground, and when to run, that there is strength. Poor immigrants are forced to constantly look at their feet, because thorns, spiders and snakes seem to be helping border guards. I must say that the attraction "Night Walk" (La Caminata) for the town of El Allerto has become a real budget-forming business. The previously dilapidated village has become a small prosperous town. Every day hundreds of tourists come here in search of thrills. Even a 15-minute documentary was filmed about the town and its Night Walk, and it became a kind of trailer for the original adventure.

Chasing the hurricane. In America, there is a Tornado Alley, where for an amount of 3 thousand dollars you can try yourself as an unusual catcher. There is a whole team that offers to catch up with the hurricane. From early spring to late summer, professional meteorologists have been chasing tornadoes throughout the country - from Dakota to Texas. During the year, experts observe 30 such destructive natural phenomena. Tourists arrive in one of the cities of the so-called Tornado Alley. It is believed that this is where the greatest chances of encountering a typhoon are. In pursuit of tornadoes in heavy minibuses, an equipped group of their experts and amateurs rushes. Cars resemble with their crazy appearance the cars from "Mad Max". They are sheathed in heavy armor and crammed with satellite equipment. If the group manages to find a tornado, then the technician will tell you what the minimum allowable distance can be approached to it. Tourists were able to study the tornado nearby and take the most extreme shots of their lives. If the days are cloudless, then guests are shown local attractions - the country's largest meteorological center in Oklahoma or a steakhouse with the most generous portions in Texas.

Wild football derby. A lot of adventures await tourists in South America, there are also those that are related to sports. It is believed that in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one can get an unforgettable Superclassico experience. This is the name here for the derby between the two most important and popular teams of the capital, and of the whole country - Boca Juniors and River Plate. A ticket to the fight can be obtained from dealers for $ 200. It should be noted that both teams have excelled not only in football, but also in disciplinary violations - their fans are considered the craziest in the world. And when two Argentine giants meet on the field, there is literally an explosion of rage at the stadium. It is worth noting that the biggest football tragedy is associated with Superclassico. Then a massive brawl in the stands led to the death of 71 people, another 150 were injured. The intrigue of the derby is that Boca Juniors' fans are mostly from Italian immigrants and represent the working class. But "River Plate" is considered the title club of wealthy industrialists; young rich heirs-majors are rooting for it. So far, the “bad guys” from “Boca” have a slight advantage in personal meetings. Any fan should see this football Waterloo, moreover, preparation for the battle begins on both sides long before the fight - flags, songs, light and smoke devices are needed.

Deadly fishing. Fishing nowadays will surprise no one, but in Ketchikan, Alaska, they offer a deadly variety of this truly masculine hobby. Crabbing in the Bering Sea is indeed a rather dangerous activity. First of all, because the local waters are rather difficult for navigation. A strong wind blows here almost all year round, and the sea is rarely calm. As a result, the deck and masts of the ship are quickly covered with a layer of ice. The fisherman literally has to fight for his own survival - iron cages with crabs are constantly flying overhead, the entire deck is covered with their claws and body parts. All this bites and grabs the legs, and in fact, the harsh waves also strive to wash the fisherman overboard. For those who are not ready to stay in such conditions for several months with a very likely bonus in the form of a traumatic brain injury, a simplified alternative is offered. Several times a month, one of the Death Fleet ships goes on a commercial raid for three hours. This time is quite enough to understand all the delights of deadly fishing, to hunt for crabs, survive a few troubles and return to the shore, feeling like a real man. You can join the TV show Deadly Catch for as little as $ 160.

Jump into the crater of the volcano. Jump into a volcano and stay alive? It’s possible! To do this, you need to go to Chile, to the Villarrica volcano. For a risky adventure, you will have to pay about 10 thousand dollars. Compared to this jump, banji jumping from a high bridge looks like fun for householders and aging men. In Chile, you can throw yourself on the banji right into the mouth of a burning volcano. A helicopter is rented especially for such an extreme attraction, which hovers 200 meters above the burning crater. The lower point of the buckle is only a few tens of meters above the boiling lava, so a full range of emotions is guaranteed. After jumping into the lake of fire, the helicopter will carry the daredevil right at the end of his bathhouse to the take-off area. Eyewitnesses claim that one of the most scenic views on the planet can be seen flying over the treetops. And they invented such an adventure specifically for the reality show "Fear Factor" on MTV. However, by popular demand, this adventure migrated from screens to real life, and now anyone can experience it.

Private zombie apocalypse. Those who love zombie horror movies know that survivors are often only saved on the island. This, for example, can be England. It was there that the combat attraction "Fight with the zombies" was invented. It is located in an abandoned estate in Greater Manchester. The scenario of the game provides for the transfer of participants to the infected area, which must be cleared of monsters. Participation in such an adventure will cost 150-270 British pounds. Recruits have replicas of submachine guns, pistols and weapons. Although such a weapon fires air, it doesn't make it any less menacing. Interestingly, the participants are asked to choose which side of the conflict to stand for - zombies are also recruited from thrill-seekers. In the case of choosing the dark side, make-up artists will change their appearance, instructors will tell you how to drag your leg more effectively, wheeze believably and rush at people. Although such a fight may seem innocent, some participants are seriously injured. Apparently, zombies have already become part of modern culture, since there are those who want to really fight with them or on their side.

On the rubble of an earthquake. This adventure can be experienced in different parts of the world, for example in Indonesia or Sumatra. The British figured out what to oppose to prim boredom. Adrenaline travel agency Disaster Tourism for $ 3,000 offers to travel to the very epicenter of a natural cataclysm. This could be the site of a recent volcanic eruption, a past tsunami, or a past earthquake. It's sad, but the tour program is updated every day. As soon as a significant natural disaster strikes somewhere, the agency immediately adds it to the list, inviting those who wish to go there immediately. You can also order an individual tour. Those who want to visit the crash site or be present in the war zone should leave a request on the website. Then Disaster Tourism will organize the corresponding adventure. Rafting on a mountain river. Along the Swedish mountain river Klar-Elven for 340-400 euros, you can make a romantic trip on a homemade raft. There is still a tradition of timber rafting in the country - the felled trees are tied into rafts, and then they travel by water to the sawmills. Tourists are invited to build a natural water transport on their own, feeling like a Huckleberry Finn. The journey will begin in a real lumberjack camp. They will teach tourists to properly tie their raft so that it does not crumble on the way and does not let it into the water. The tips from the craftsmen will help beginners build a craft that will become the home for travelers for the next seven days. Lumberjacks will tell you how to steer the raft, go around shoals, rapids, and chop down obstructing tree branches. And at the end of the course, a weekly rafting down the river will begin. There will be time for night fishing, campfire stories, and, of course, for the most beautiful views of pristine nature. And at the end of the trip, the raft is dismantled and allowed to make furniture and souvenirs.

Excursion to the cocaine laboratory. Such an excursion is rightfully considered the most action-packed. In the Colombian Machete, tourists are offered a journey to a working cocaine laboratory hidden in the dense jungle. Drug dealers have learned to make money even on curious travelers. A trip to the Lost City will cost $ 340, and another $ 20 will have to be paid for the opportunity to visit the laboratory directly. I must say that the Lost City itself is a famous historical site, because one of the most ancient civilizations of the continent existed here. She is 650 years older than Machu Picchu. The road here lies through 65 kilometers of jungle, where detachments of guerrillas guerillas are still hiding. Sometimes excursions are even canceled when another careless tourist falls into their hands. In the laboratory itself, there is no complex technology. All of it is essentially one large greenhouse, where coca leaves are dried right on the concrete floor. And this production belongs to a local farmer, who thus saves himself for a comfortable old age. This business executive kindly tells tourists about all the stages of making white powder, along the way he will tell all the secrets of the local cocaine mafia. True, after the laboratory was written about in the press in 2008, and it became world famous, the farmer had to go into the shadows. However, excursions to production have resumed since 2010. Only now it is forbidden to take pictures here. So the curious tourist has a chance to become the first guest of the laboratory to post a snapshot for everyone to see.

Walk on the yard over the abyss. In Xi'an, China, there is an opportunity to experience an unusual adventure for those who are tired of banal hiking. Until recently, the Royal Road in Spain was considered the most dangerous mountain route. But in 2012 it was closed for reconstruction, as many sections of the path simply collapsed. Then the Chinese took the lead and brought their tourist route to the first positions in the rating. It runs along Mount Huashan. Externally, the trail looks like a suspension bridge, several kilometers long, wrapped around a rock. This is exactly the way to the top of Huashan. The steps must be taken carefully, because the walkways are trembling. You will have to hold on to the chains nailed to the rock wall. However, in addition to the thrill, guests will also receive aesthetic pleasure - after all, from the top of the mountain, you can view almost the entire Shaanxi province with several monasteries. And such an extreme trip will cost at least $ 330.

Contact with extraterrestrial civilization.Not everyone wants to experience earthly adventures. In the village of Molёbka, in the Perm region of Russia, you can try to get in touch with extraterrestrial civilizations, and absolutely free. The Molebsky Triangle is considered a unique paranormal zone even on a planetary scale. There are hundreds of evidences of the presence of UFOs here, displacements of space and time, sound mirages. This area can be explored both independently and with a guide. In the second case, an experienced stalker will tell you about all the sights of the mysterious zone. What are only the names of places - Snake Hill, Black River, Cosmodrome, Witch's Ring. Having been here, even if you do not personally meet aliens, you will surely get to know the ufologists. Each of them has something interesting to tell curious tourists. At one time, local and federal authorities even planned to build a whole center of ufological tourism here. It may be good that the anomalous zone has retained its original appearance. So while a mass tourist has not yet come here, there is an opportunity to see with your own eyes all the wonders of the Molebka and unravel the secrets of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

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