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Meaning of the name

Julia translated from Latin means "curly", "July" or "from the Julian clan", translated from Italian means "fluffy".


As a child, Julia is capricious, touchy, very vulnerable. Julia is prone to frequent mood swings. When Yulia is out of sorts, it is better to let her restore her good mood.

Julia loves to argue, she proves her case to the last. Very reluctant to admit defeat.

Julia is too sensitive to someone else's misfortune, she cannot stand the sight of blood. Julia is afraid of the dark and disturbing environment.

Julia marries for love and is very successful. With her husband, they live in perfect harmony all their lives. In marriage, Julia has a culinary talent and excellent housekeeping skills. For Julia, family is the most important thing in life. She loves to receive guests, treats them deliciously.

Julia is not envious, sincerely enjoys the success of her friends. Julia is very fond of reading books. She introduces her loved ones to reading. It is always fun in her house, Julia does not let anyone get bored.


In love, Yulia longs for intimacy, touch, affection, kindness, warmth. She can be easily offended by rejecting her affection, she herself never experiences overwork from an excess of erotic impulses.

Julia always belongs to only one man. Julia outwardly gives the impression of a relatively cold and restrained woman.

However, for Julia, sex is one of the main and important aspects of life. If she fails here, she reacts very nervously, becomes irritable, and may even get sick.

Julia is simple-minded and does not know how to "use" men. You should not expect violent passions from Julia, she was created for affection and tenderness, and this gives intimacy with her a unique feeling of warmth and peace. She enjoys intimacy with her beloved man.


Bright red.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Julia gives the impression of something light, light, gentle, soft, gentle, safe.

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