The strangest people

The strangest people

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Nearly seven billion people live on Earth. Let's talk about the strangest people on the planet below.

Sleepless person. There is a man named Hai Ngoc living in Taiwan. The 64-year-old man is famous for the fact that he cannot sleep at night. Such a strange deviation began back in 1973. The Thai experienced a fever then, and insomnia became its consequence. For 11,700 nights in a row, the man counted and counted the sheep passing in front of his gaze, but could not sleep. Ngoc himself says he does not know how insomnia affects his health. However, he feels like an ordinary person. To prove his excellent physical condition, an elderly man carries two 50-kg bags of fertilizer every day. But the one-way road is 4 kilometers. Ngok's wife says that he slept well before, and now even alcohol cannot make him close his eyes. The man visited Da Nang for a medical examination. But the doctors did not find anything in him, except for small deviations in the work of the liver. Today, Ngoc lives on his rural farm at the foot of the mountain, caring for chickens and pigs all day. Six children live in their house nearby. The consequence of insomnia is that Ngoc does extra work at night. He guards his farm, and somehow he dug two large ponds at once for breeding fish.

Pregnant brother. When Sanju Bhagat went to the doctors with a complaint of stomach pains, they were very surprised at his appearance. It turned out that the man, who could no longer breathe normally, had such a huge belly that it was as if he was in his ninth month of pregnancy! Bhagat, who lives in the city of Nagpur, said that his big belly made him feel embarrassed all his life. But in June 1999, the problems worsened. The doctors said there was a tumor in the stomach. And it will be possible to consider it only during the operation itself. When the stomach was cut open, several liters of water poured out of it. Then the doctors saw something completely out of the ordinary. Parts of the limbs, the remnants of the genitals, hair, and jaws were removed from the abdomen. At first glance, it looked like Bhagat had given birth. In fact, a twin brother of the man himself has grown in his stomach. This phenomenon is known to medicine, it is rather strange and rare. This anomaly happens when the fetus is inside the shell of its brother. The trapped fetus can live like a parasite. With the help of the umbilical cord, he shares a blood supply with his brother until it becomes so large that the intervention of doctors is required.

Half a life underground. Seichi Yokoi served as a soldier in the Imperial Japanese Army. He was drafted in 1941 and sent to fight on the island of Guam. In 1944, the place was occupied by the Americans, but Yokoi decided to hide from them. The soldier lived in the dungeons for many years, until he was found on January 24, 1972 by two local residents. For 28 years, the Japanese hid in a remote cave in the jungle. He did not go out to the people even after finding a leaflet that the war was over. When Yokoi finally returned home, carrying a rusty rifle on his shoulder, he stated, "I consider it a great fortune to have survived at all."

Airport resident. Mehran Karimi Nasseri is also known as Sir, Alfred Mehran (with a comma). The fame of this Iranian refugee was brought by living in the first terminal of Charles de Gaulle airport, starting in August 1988. In his homeland, Mehran was in prison, where he was tortured. After that, he was simply expelled from the country. For a long time, the man tried to find political asylum in some of the European countries - all to no avail. Mehran's further path lay in England. When he boarded a plane at the French Charles de Gaulle airport, he discovered that he had been robbed while waiting for the loading dock. Nasseri was still able to fly to London. But at Heathrow, the passenger was not accepted without documents and was sent back to Paris. The refugee was unable to prove either his identity or his status to French officials. As a result, he was placed in the waiting room for those traveling without documents. Since then, Nasseri stayed at the airport. His story served as the basis for the 2004 film The Terminal. However, unlike Tom Hanks' character, Nasseri does not live in a duty-free transit area, but simply in the departure area. Here, among boutiques and restaurants, there is an exit to the lower floor. In theory, Mehran can leave his territory at any time. However, everyone around him is already well aware, the departure of the local landmark will not go unnoticed. It is rather difficult for a refugee to talk to someone. Indeed, with his bags and baskets, he looks like a traveler. People either simply do not notice him, or are shunned as a homeless person.

Incarnation of Jesus Christ. There is a rather strange politician in Japan. He convinces everyone around that he is God and the embodiment of Jesus Christ on Earth. According to Matayoshi Mitsuo's plans, he plans to hold the Last Judgment, as promised by Jesus. At the same time, the politician claims that he has found a way to do this within the legal framework of the current political system in the country. First of all, you need to appoint the Savior as the Prime Minister of the country. This will give him the opportunity to quickly reform the entire society. This should not be overlooked by the UN, which will grant him the post of Secretary General. As a result, Mitsuo will unite in his person religious and political power, becoming the ruler of the whole world. However, for some reason such a program does not find a response from voters. The politician has taken part in the elections many times, but has not won anywhere else. Mitsuo gained wide popularity in the country thanks to very eccentric electoral campaigns - he recommended his political opponents to perform the hara-kiri rite.

The deceased living on. Lal Bihari was born in 1961. This Indian farmer became famous for being officially presumed dead from 1976 to 1994. During this difficult period, he even managed to create his own "Association of the Dead". All these 18 years, the man stubbornly fought the bureaucratic system, trying to prove to the authorities that he did not die at all. The farmer found out that he was struck out of the living in 1976 when he tried to get a bank loan. Bihari's uncle became the culprit of such a misunderstanding. He bribed an official to declare his nephew dead. This gave the "caring" uncle the right to receive all rights to property and property of Lala. As a result of the activities of the Bihari Association, it was discovered that at least 100 more people were in the same situation in this area alone. All of them were included in the lists of the deceased by those who wanted to appropriate their property. The association currently has over 20,000 members throughout India. The organization is trying in every possible way to bring its members back to life officially. However, by 2004, only four people had been rehabilitated. Lal Bihari even started political activities, running for the local parliament.

Savior from reptilian humanoids. It would seem that there might be something unusual about BBC sports news anchor David Icke. The former footballer is now the press secretary for the Green Party in England. But since 1990, he has uncovered the mystery of who actually rules the world. Since then, Ike has worn exclusively turquoise clothing. He tells everyone around that the planet is ruled by a secret organization named "Elite". It includes the reptilian humanoid race, which has been known since antiquity as the Babylonian Brotherhood. Allegedly, it was from there that such famous people as Elizabeth II and George W. Bush appeared. According to Hayk's views, the descendants of reptiles are Satanists, corrupting minors. The savior of the planet sets out his views in as many as 15 books. Ike is proud of his five-hour speech to the students of the University of Toronto in 1999, after all, they awarded him with thunderous applause.

Alternative Pope. Often very stubborn undercover wars were fought for the Roman throne. But David Allen Bowden, born in 1959, became Pope in a rather peaceful way. Pope Michael I of Kansas became so as a result of the selection of six cardinals from among the Catholic Sedevakantists. They argued that the previous 6 popes' choices in Rome were invalid as they were all modernists. The Sedevakantists argued that if the Cardinal College cannot elect a true Pope, then ordinary Catholics can do it themselves, taking into account the principles of justice. That is why David Bowden became Pope in 1990. Moreover, in addition to himself, the electoral group also included his parents. To this day, Bowden remains in his high office.

Analyzer of your own food. Yoshiro Nakamatsu was born on June 26, 1928. He was nicknamed Dr. NakaMats, because this Japanese inventor is the world leader in the number of discoveries. In particular, it was he who invented the floppy disks and the PyonPyon spring shoes. In total, he made over 3 thousand inventions. But this person also has his own quirks. For 34 years now he has been photographing and then analyzing everything he eats. According to the Japanese, compliance with the diet and its quality will allow him to live up to at least 140 years.

An omnivorous person. Michel Lotito was born on June 15, 1950 in Grenoble. This French entertainer became famous for his ability to eat completely unusual things as food. He even got the nickname "Monsieur eat it all." In his performances, Lotito has a variety of objects made of metal, glass and rubber. The unusual man's menu included bicycles and televisions; he ate the Tsesna 150 plane piece by piece. The number of small absorbed objects has long exceeded one hundred. The aircraft Lotito ate for two whole years - from 1978 to 1980. He realized that he had the ability to eat unusual materials as a child. Since 1966, Lotito began to demonstrate his skills in public, thereby earning a living. To the surprise of many, a man practically does not suffer from the harmful effects of his diet, even poisonous materials cannot damage digestion. When performing his number, Lotito first takes in vegetable oil, and then drinks the items with plain water. In total, about 1 kilogram of inedible objects gets inside at a time. Scientists just shrug their shoulders. They speculate that Lotito's intestinal walls are twice as thick as normal. In addition, a very powerful digestive acid is produced in the stomach. It allows a person to digest his metal food.

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