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Meaning of the name

Stanislav translated from Polish means "become glorious."


Since childhood, Stanislav has an unstable psyche, a tendency to neuroses. He is stubborn, not restrained, capricious, trying to achieve his goal at any cost. Never admits to being wrong. Stanislav is pugnacious, rude.

It is difficult for Stanislav to please, it is impossible to adapt to him, since his mood is constantly changing. It is difficult to guess the course of his thoughts.

He needs to choose a specialty that is not associated with complete subordination to his superiors. Military Stanislav is contraindicated. The leader from Stanislav is not bad. It is difficult for subordinates to work under his supervision.

Stanislav is suitable for professions that do not require work to be completed in a clearly agreed timeframe, providing for a flexible work schedule.

Stanislav marries a timid, slightly notorious, submissive woman who cannot stand up for herself. He gives her tantrums and scandals with and without. Later he sincerely repents and asks her for forgiveness. She loves to make surprises for her spouse, mostly pleasant ones. He gets along with his wife's parents.


Sex in Stanislav's life is one of the first places among life values. For Stanislav, sex is a source of boundless joy, pleasure, health, vigor and energy. Often Stanislav elevates sexual relations into a cult.

Stanislav loves quality, full sex. He's like writing a script for every date with a woman. Sexual intercourse for him is a way of self-expression.

Stanislav usually remains faithful to his partner, and if the relationship cracks, it is Stanislav who does everything to maintain the relationship. For him, love is sacred. And love and sex, for Stanislav, are one.

Stanislav marries for love, but still there is some calculation in his choice. Stanislav's rich personal life is usually a secret; he does not like to talk about his relationships with women. He sometimes cheats on his wife, but she never knows about it. Their marriage does not suffer from his fleeting intrigues.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Stanislav gives the impression of something good, kind, majestic.

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