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Meaning of the name

Sozia in translation from ancient Greek means "savior".


As a child, Sozia surprises those around her with her irrepressible imagination and well-developed imagination. Coming up a fairy tale or an interesting story is a piece of cake for her. The only trouble is that she herself does not always distinguish between truth and fiction and is able to believe that this or that invented event really happened in her life.

Growing up, she becomes more mundane, but still remains a dreamer and dreamer, and is able to realize almost all of her most incredible plans.

Sozia has an ideal memory, analytical type of thinking, unbending will and endurance. She studies well, strives to get higher education.

The adult Sozia is a fairly balanced, self-centered, possibly overly self-confident woman who does not tolerate dishonesty, which can turn out to be vindictive and vindictive.

From the most confusing and difficult situations, she is able to find a way out on her own, makes every effort to achieve the intended goal and achieve a position in society.

She loves risk, devotes a lot of time and effort to work. Most often it succeeds in the field of design, advertising, in the field of modeling and displaying clothes, in the service sector, in the catering system.

Most likely, he will choose a type of activity that involves communication with people, for the implementation of which you do not need to obey a rigid and regulated workday.


Soziya is beautiful and flirtatious, feminine and charming, has great taste, her clothes and makeup are perfect for her. This woman enjoys success with men, strives to live an active sex life.

She often changes partners, can enter into a relationship with a man after several hours of dating, if it seems to her that the man corresponds to her ideas about the ideal.

Her soul is so hungry for love that Sozia often falls into tabloid adventures. In bed, she is active and inventive, most often takes an active position, capable of satisfying even a very temperamental partner.

Sozia marries for love, most often her marriage is successful. She is extremely hospitable, knows how to create a cozy home environment, adores children and devotes a lot of time to raising them.

However, housekeeping is most often entrusted to the husband or mother-in-law. Sometimes she can cheat on her husband, but she skillfully hides it.



A rock

Jade, tiger's eye.

Zodiac sign

Taurus, Pisces.


The sound of the name Soziya gives the impression of something light, strong, light.

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