Sofia (Sofia)

Sofia (Sofia)

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Meaning of the name

Sophia in translation from ancient Greek means "wise", "wisdom".


As a child, Sofia is distinguished by kindness, she is a gentle, sophisticated girl. It seems that nothing in the world will make her cry. With strangers he is shy, distrustful. She is not particularly frank with relatives, friends and acquaintances, but everyone knows that there is no more reliable and generous person than Sophia.

She studies well at school, as she is amazingly assiduous and pedantic. She is extremely principled, at all costs she tries to maintain good relations with relatives and friends. She is an excellent needlewoman, loves painstaking small work, often has musical and innate acting abilities.

The adult Sofia is conscientious and easygoing, easily masters the profession, and quickly moves up the career ladder. The spirit of competition is alien to her, Sofia does not feel envy of other people's successes and achievements.

She is tactful and delicate, she will never allow herself to interfere in someone else's conversation, eavesdrop at the door or slander one of her colleagues. She will never refuse those in need of help, she is generous and hospitable.

Can achieve success in trade, business, art. Sophia's weak point is the musculoskeletal system. She is caring and easygoing, but by old age she is often left alone.


Sofia is unusually attractive, she follows fashion, but does not like extravagance, preferring the classic style in clothes and shoes. She is tactful, charming, possesses the innate abilities of a psychologist and easily determines the main character traits of the man she liked, easily adapts to him, being "exactly what is needed here and now."

To outside observers, it seems that Sophia's life is going on calmly and measuredly, but she is far from a nun - there is something of a smoldering fire in her. Sophia is passionate, easily lights up, under the influence of a flared up feeling, she can break a well-established life, giving up her usual work, changing her place of residence, etc.

In bed, she most often takes a passive position, if something in the sexual behavior of her partner does not suit her, she will not tell him about it directly, but will do everything to smooth out the consequences of the mistake and with tactful hints will make it clear what she would like to add or change in love games.

Having married, Sofia manifests herself as a hospitable, zealous hostess, she develops good relations with her husband's parents.


Dark blue.

A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign

Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Sofia gives the impression of something rough, feminine, weak, quiet, small, slow, slow, passive.

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