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Sexiest festivals

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There are many sex festivals where tourists just flock from all over the world. Among the variety of sexual festivals, it is still worth highlighting the top ten.

New Orleans Burlesque Festival, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. New Orleans hosts a vibrant and fun burlesque festival every year in mid-September. For three whole days, the guests of this festival see striptease numbers, hundreds of dancers openly and sexually demonstrate their skills. It is difficult for tourists to remain on the sidelines, which is why the festival also includes an educational program for its guests. So, at one of the seminars, you can learn how to sensually remove stockings. Teachers will tell you which dance steps are the sexiest for your partner.

German Fetish Ball Weekend, Berlin, Germany. The prim German Berlin becomes a real capital of various fetishists and BDSM fans one weekend a year. Thousands of fans of such non-standard sexual pleasures come to this city from all over the world. They take part in the sexiest weekend in Europe. Shown here are frank fashion shows, performances with erotic overtones, voluptuous shows. Any fetishist can find a new friend among people dressed in lace or leather. Do not be surprised if any of the guests came without any clothes at all. And this unusual sexual festival takes place at the very end of May.

World Body Painting Festival, Kernten, Austria. The bodypainting art direction appeared relatively recently, but quickly gained popularity. It has its own techniques, motives and fans. There is even a whole festival dedicated to bodypainting in Kernten, Austria, which attracts crowds of guests. For a whole week, you can admire the arts created on the human body, listen to music and watch fashion shows. Those photographers who can take the best pictures are even awarded a special prize. And the festival takes place in Austria in early July.

Sexy International Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia. In addition to famous classic film festivals, there are similar events dedicated to sex. This sex film festival is held in Melbourne, Australia in November. The best films on this subject, shot over the past year, are brought there. Guests of this event can see dozens of paintings depicting intimate and sensual relationships between people. Much attention is paid directly to sex. In a word, there will be more than enough nudity. It is worth mentioning that tickets for this popular festival start selling in March.

Exotic Erotic Ball & Expo, San Francisco, California, USA. This festival has a long and glorious history. It has been held in the fall on Halloween Eve for 30 years. More than half a million guests have visited San Francisco during this time. These days, sexual freedom, live music and, of course, dancing reign here. Erotic, exotic and just plain frank. Sexual performances are balancing on the brink of what is permissible, and crazy parties will not be released until the morning. There is a competition for the best costume, the laureate receives an award of 10 thousand dollars. The organizers offer wine tasting with porn stars, adult film screenings, a nudist ball, burlesque shows, a fetish club. Despite the opposition of the authorities, the festival was constantly reviving.

Kinky Salon. This event does not have a permanent registration - it takes place all over the world. Festivals of this name are held everywhere, dedicated to sexual liberation and self-expression. There is not even a specific date. In different months of the year in San Francisco and London, in New York, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, people try to express themselves, as far as they have enough imagination, funds and strength. Some members dress up in sexy leather clothes, while others prefer to go without fake covers at all. They belong to a large group of exhibitionists.

Nudes-a-Poppin Pageant and Festival, Roselone, Indiana, USA. This festival is the real extravaganza of nudism. It has been held since 1976, gathering the most daring girls from all over North America in July. And what is a festival without fans? They will have to appreciate the delights of hundreds of participants. Girls participate in several contests at once. Participants compete at the pole and wrestle in oil. The judges will have to choose the most dexterous, sexy and courageous girls. The most beautiful are competing for the title "Miss Nude Galaxy" and "Miss Nude North America". The parade of participants is especially popular among the guests of the nude festival. Those who have not had time to purchase very expensive tickets (from $ 50) are invited to watch the action via the Internet, records of past festivals are available for sale.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Officially, this event does not have a pronounced sex orientation. But any person who has been here will forever remember the centurion of practically naked bodies, dressed in exotic costumes. Brazilians move incendiary to the rhythms of samba, which evokes sexual desires in every normal person. And the inhabitants of Rio themselves are considered one of the most passionate on the planet, they certainly know a lot about such pleasures. And this festival takes place in Brazil in February. It's time to leave freezing Europe and plunge into the world of love, sex and dance.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Seattle, Washington, USA. The festival of erotic art has been held here since 2002. Although most of these events are aimed at self-expression, the tasks here are slightly different. The festival seeks to change the traditional attitude of people towards sexual culture to a positive one. For this, very frank films and theatrical performances are shown here. Round tables and seminars help popularize a healthy attitude towards sex. And the festival takes place in July for two weekends at once.

Phallus, Tirnavos, Greece. Most sex festivals lure male tourists with the spectacle of naked female bodies. But here a tribute is paid to the male genital organs. Just one day before the start of Lent, the Greek city of Tirnavos is literally filled with phalluses. Residents even manage to sit on them, making furniture of the appropriate shape. Accessories in the shape of a male penis are used, even food is given such a shape. The Greeks bake bread in a very frank and playful form. I must say that a similar festival is held in the Japanese city of Kawasaki.

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