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Meaning of the name

Sergei, a derivative of the Roman name Sergius, means "highly esteemed".


As a child, Sergei is a weak, often ill child, with weak immunity. Growing up, Sergei becomes stronger, begins to play sports.

Sergei is moderately sentimental, but courageous. Sergei has a developed artistic taste, he is fond of music, sometimes cinema. There are many artists, filmmakers, actors, musicians and composers among Sergeevs.

Sergei is a conscientious and committed employee. Usually he is the right hand of bosses, you can rely on him in everything and always. In relationships with unfamiliar people, he is secretive.

The family is caring and accommodating. Afraid of offending others. He tries to solve his problems himself. Rarely opens his soul.

Sergey is an excellent family man, he loves to do homework. Sergey's chosen one is a modest, calm, gentle woman. Sergey is jealous. Often married twice.


Sergey is a passionate, gentle, very emotional lover. He is able to kindle passion even in the coldest woman.

Sergei's sexual potential is very high. Sergey is very vulnerable, any little thing can ruin the relationship. Sergey needs a wise, affectionate woman who will understand his delicate mental organization.

Sergey likes intelligent women, gifted, intellectually developed. Sergey appreciates a rich inner world in a woman much more than her appearance. Despite his passion, Sergei does not accept sexual excesses and all sorts of perversions.

Sergey always strives to look like a superman in the eyes of his partner. If the relationship ends, Sergei tries to stay with the woman in a warm, friendly relationship.

Sergei is jealous, but keeps all unpleasant thoughts and emotions in himself.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Sergei gives the impression of something good, beautiful, round, kind, majestic, courageous, loud, brave, mighty, bright, joyful.

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