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Meaning of the name

Seraphim translated from Hebrew means "fiery angel".


Since childhood, Seraphim enjoys authority among his peers. He is very mobile, has a vivid imagination, constantly comes up with new games. It's never boring with him. Seraphim with girls behaves like a real gentleman.

Science at school is easy for him, he grasps everything on the fly. Seraphim is loved by teachers. The pride of parents and the school, an excellent student, the owner of many certificates and cups, received by him for victories in various sports competitions and school Olympiads. Seraphim prefers exact sciences. He remains passionate about sports for life.

Seraphim is a born leader. He can become a politician, hold a high leadership position. As a rule, there are many employees in his subordination. He can perfectly organize work in a team, his subordinates love and respect him. Maybe a scientist.

Seraphim, born in winter, appreciates male friendship, honesty and decency. Loves funny, noisy companies, always in the spotlight. Has a good sense of humor.

Seraphim, born in autumn, is a jack of all trades. He knows how and loves to do everything himself. She enjoys doing housework, fixing furniture, appliances, working on a private farm, and cooking well.

Seraphim, born in spring, has a strong will, an excellent leader. He knows how to forgive other people's mistakes and easily admits his own.

Born in summer, Seraphim is a philosopher and a good psychologist. Stubborn, persistent, has good working capacity. Seraphim is hospitable, loves to travel, is lucky in his personal life.


Seraphim is sexy, but does not exchange for petty affairs, he is monogamous. Seraphim has a wonderful family, he loves his wife, and does not go "to the left".

In sex, Seraphim loves to comprehend "new horizons". He never ceases to amaze his beloved. Seraphim is a romantic, he is gentle, attentive, feels every desire of his partner, and seeks to fulfill it.

Seraphim's wife usually has a temperament similar to that of her husband. They create harmonious relationships, their feelings are never dulled. Oddly enough, Seraphim is jealous.


Blood red.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer.


The sound of the name Seraphim gives the impression of something bright, hot.

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