The strangest scientific works

The strangest scientific works

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It is to the scientists that we are grateful that the world is as we know it. Often, discoveries were made at the risk of life.

Meanwhile, science has not always followed the path of useful discoveries. It is easy to make a list of the strangest scientific papers.

The influence of country music on suicide. The authors of this work came to the conclusion: "The more airtime is given to country music, the greater the level of suicide in society." The study was conducted in 1992 at the American University of Auburn. Stephen Stack and Jim Gundlach in their work assessed the connection between a particular direction of music and urban suicide. They suggested that country music had a direct impact on suicidal populations, generating family squabbles, drunken violence, and reluctance to work. Long-term regression analysis of accidents in 49 urban areas showed that an increase in country music broadcast inevitably leads to an increase in the number of suicides. Moreover, the sad trend applies only to white people. This effect does not depend in any way on statistics of divorce, poverty, origin or availability of weapons. The authors concluded that the existence of a country subculture only strengthens the connection between this music and the number of suicides. This model explains the 51% variance among white suicides. The article itself is posted on the Internet. We can only rejoice at the fact that country music is not very popular in our open spaces.

Love and sex with robots. David Levy from the University of Maastricht in Holland researched artificial intelligence there. The scientist came to the conclusion that in 2050 in the state of Massachusetts it is possible to legalize marriages with robots. "Humanoid robots will receive all civil rights by this time" - said the scientist. More recently, Levy completed his Ph.D. thesis researching the relationship between robots and humans. The scientist discovered that some relationships and practices inevitably arise between them, which are characteristic of marriage and personal life in general. At first, relationships with robots will be considered challenging. However, after articles like "I had excellent sex with a robot" start to appear in some popular magazines, many people will want to try the same. In the chapter "Intimate Relations with Artificial Partners," Levy says robots will soon become very human-like. Both in appearance and in function, and even become individual. As a result, people will begin to fall in love with these machines, have sex with them, and even enter into a marriage union. Levy says: "It may sound a little strange today, but it is a fact. Love and sex with robots should be accepted as something inevitable."

Rectal foreign bodies. Examples and a comprehensive overview of the world literature. This study was conducted by J. Bush and J. Starling in Wisconsin in 1986. During the research, it was revealed that in this intimate place, doctors found, among other things, such things as a beer glass, a key to a suitcase, a magazine. The work itself is a collection of reports that impartially tell about the presence in the rectal opening of seven bulbs, a sharpener for knives, two flashlights, a spring, a snuff box, a potato, and eleven different forms of fruits and vegetables. In addition to food, curious people shove jewelry, a tin mug, and a frozen pork tail up their ass. One patient put together a truly unique collection of glasses, a suitcase key, a pouch and a magazine.

Chickens prefer beautiful people. Scientists from the University of Stockholm in 2002 wrote in their work: "Animals have shown that they choose those faces that are more preferable in the sexual aspect in humans." The authors tried to explain this fact: “We tried to train chickens to respond to an ordinary female face, and in another case, to an ordinary male. In subsequent tests, animals were shown faces that, according to a survey of students, are sexy. It turned out that chickens respond better to more beautiful images. ". This suggests that human preferences arise from the general properties of the nervous system, and not from the properties of a particular individual. These results must be taken in light of the current debate about the meaning of sexual signals. Further tests according to the plans of scientists will help to confirm existing hypotheses about the origin of sexual preferences.

Safe and painless manipulation with a zipper that has pinched the penis. Doctors of one of the Indian hospitals published their scientific research in 2005. It was dedicated to "a fast, simple and non-traumatic approach to freeing the penis from pinching by lightning." Satish Chandra Mishra said about her educational work: "Pinching the foreskin of the penis is a common situation for a child and his parents. Such an unpleasant problem can become a source of injury. Any intervention and excessive zeal can only worsen the situation. Attempts to cut the lightning can be the same. As a result, in such a situation it is necessary to act as quickly as possible, simply so that a child of any age does not get injured, taking into account the grip mechanism and its place, the presence of edema on the penis, the size of the zipper and its design.

Pressure produced by penguins when they defecate. Avian defecation calculations. At the Hungarian International University, Viktor Breno Meyer-Rohov and Josef Gal in 2005, in this work, in particular, wrote: "They stand up, approach the edge of the nest, turn, bend over and shoot." Usually, few people wonder how far a penguin can shoot waste from its anus. But the Hungarian scientists used basic principles of physics for their calculations to calculate the pressure that accumulates inside the bird. Dr. Meyer-Rohov said that the research started back in 1993. He then led the first and so far the last expedition of Jamaica to Antarctica. Later, the scientist showed his students photographs of feces near penguin nests. The students asked how birds do this. Then that very phrase was born and penguin "volleys". The scientist got the idea to calculate the pressure produced by the penguins at this moment.

The emission of gases by a person, as a defense against an incomprehensible threat. This work was authored by Dr. Sidoli from Washington in 1998. Observing one boy, the scientist wrote: "When Peter feels a sense of danger, he calls on the bodily odor for help - it farts, enveloping himself in a protective cloud." The article talks about the peculiarities of behavior of one boy who had developmental delays. Peter was born earlier than expected, in infancy he went through several hospitalizations, and at 2 months he was taken away from his mother by social workers, left without parental care and, in fact, an orphan. When the boy felt some vague threat, he used the developed defense system. With the help of his body, Peter produced an odorous cloud by farting. Thus, he immersed himself in a protective shell that saved him from fear. Such a measure helped him to keep his psyche in order, preserving his personality.

Navigation and related structural changes in the drivers hippocampus. An article from London College in 199 argued that "the brains of London taxi drivers are more developed in relation to other residents of the city." The authors wrote about their research: "Structural magnetic resonance imaging of the brain of people with extensive navigation experience, in particular city taxi drivers, was carried out. The results were analyzed and compared with the indicators of a control group that does not drive. It turned out that taxi drivers have a back part of the hippocampus is much more developed compared to ordinary people. On the contrary, the front part of this part of the brain stood out. It turned out that the volume of the hippocampus is directly correlated with the amount of time spent by the taxi driver. For the rear part, this has a positive effect, and for anterior - negative Research results are in full agreement with the widespread ideas that the posterior part of the hippocampus is responsible for spatial perception of the environment. This part of the brain can be locally enlarged in people with a high dependence on navigation skills. It turns out that the human brain has the potential to change structures cheers in accordance with the growing demands of civilization.

The speed of propagation of sound waves in cheddar cheese and the effect of temperatures. Scientists from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2006 proved that the best temperature range for the passage of sound waves in cheese is from 0 to 17 degrees Celsius. The article says: "The speed of ultrasound in cheddar cheese is temperature dependent. These relationships can be used to further correct the behavior of ultrasound. Scientists Mule and Benedito plotted a thermogram, figuring out the behavior of ultrasound when melting cheese. The curve had three sectors, the most reliable for work with sound and was named the same range from 0 to 17 degrees.

Influence of damp laundry on the mechanisms of heat regulation, as well as the feeling of warmth in cold weather. Scientists from the Technical University of Denmark Bakkevig and Nilsson were engaged in this issue in 1995. They came to a startling conclusion: "The thickness of the underwear has the greatest influence on the feeling of warmth." In their paper, the authors wrote: “The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of wet underwear and compare the effects of different types of clothing fibers on thermoregulatory responses and thermal comfort in humans. Their behavior in cold weather has shown that wet underwear significantly contributes to body cooling. thermoregulatory reactions and thermal comfort are greatly influenced by the thickness of the garment, and it is not so important even what it is made of.

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