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Meaning of the name

Sabrina translated from Greek means "Sabine".


Little Sabina is very spoiled, as most often she is born into a wealthy family and is the only, rather late child. She grows up, knowing nothing of rejection, not familiar with the hardships and problems that haunt many of her peers from an early age.

Quite selfish, but at the same time kind and accommodating, loves to accept gifts. At school, she tries to rule over her classmates, if there is a stronger personality in the class, she will not accept it.

Most often, such a situation ends with a long confrontation, the division of the classy team into groups, the leaders of which do not intend to concede in anything to the enemy. Sabina is studying well, although without much interest.

The adult Sabina is decisive, independent and self-reliant, if she can overcome material dependence on her parents in her youth. She is complacent, calculating, but at the same time good-natured. Doesn't like to hurt people.

Sabina has a strong, somewhat masculine character, extremely demanding both to herself and to those around her. Very efficient, the same is required of employees or subordinates.

To achieve the set goal, she will not regret anything, she does not give in to obstacles, on the contrary, every obstacle overcome ignites in her the desire to move on. He is quickly moving up the career ladder, he is excellent in business and in leadership positions.


Most often, Sabina is beautiful, loves compliments and gifts, is flirtatious, sociable, has good taste. The fans are pretty cool, since few of them look like the man of her dreams.

Her temperament is quite calm, the requirements for a partner are extremely high, possessing many virtues, she dreams of a prince who will be worthy of such a beauty.

In bed, she is rarely active, it takes time to "light up", the partner must show attention and patience, if he hopes for a response from this woman.

At the same time, for Sabina there are no restrictions or prohibitions in love games, with a man who awakened passion in her, she will be relaxed and will be able to embody all his fantasies.

Sabina marries quite late, often without meeting her prince. He takes the bonds of marriage very seriously, is faithful to his spouse, jealous, if he finds out about her husband's infidelity, he is unlikely to keep silent, he may even file for divorce.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Sabina gives the impression of something light, cheerful.

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