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Meaning of the name

Samuel translated from Hebrew means "heard by God."


As a child, Samuel loves outdoor games, is not assiduous, not particularly attentive, inquisitive. Samuel has a quick, inquisitive mind, which often compensates for the lack of perseverance at school.

It is important to direct the energy of Samuel in the right direction, then the problems with excessive activity will disappear by themselves. The main thing for parents is not to try to restrain Samuel through punishment, then it will be possible to avoid the development of deceit and cunning in the child.

Samuel is ambitious, he can make a dizzying career. Samuel, who possesses great creative potential, the ability to think quickly, and excellent imagination, can work as an actor, artist, architect, designer.

Samuel has a good sense of humor, he is good-natured, optimistic, sociable. It's easy with him. Peace and kindness reign in his family. When dealing with Samuel, the main thing is not to touch his pride. Samuel values ​​friendship. He is always ready to help a friend.


Samuel loves female company, but will not let everyone close to him. Samuel is careful in choosing a partner. He prefers sex for love.

Usually he gets married once. His chosen one becomes for him both his mistress, and friend, and business partner. They live, as they say, soul to soul. Very rarely Samuel, during a midlife crisis, can "go to the left", but, as a rule, after that he suffers greatly.

He, after prolonged mental anguish, confesses to his wife of treason, asks for forgiveness, and his wife forgives him. For this couple, the main thing is their spiritual connection.

Samuel loves a variety of sex, but within reasonable limits. If his wife doesn't like her husband's innovation, Samuel agrees with her without any displeasure.


Blood red.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Samuel gives the impression of something light, quiet.

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