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Meaning of the name

Ruslana means "lioness" in Greek.


Little Ruslana is restless, irritable, does not sleep well at night, giving her parents a lot of trouble. He studies well at school, but does not differ in perseverance, does not like to get up early, sits up for a long time in the evening at a book.

Ruslana is a boyka, she will not let herself be offended, she will never be silent, she enters into conflicts with others, is often unrestrained, she simply cannot patiently listen to her interlocutor. She has many friends, mostly boys.

An adult Ruslana is becoming softer, more tolerant, but she will take a leadership position always and everywhere. Impulsive, sometimes under the influence of a momentary mood, she commits rash acts, which she soon begins to regret.

He is poorly versed in people, perhaps because she is inclined to somewhat exaggerate her positive qualities. She has a sharp mind, resourceful, but almost devoid of intuition. Most often he chooses a profession in the field of trade or pedagogy, can become an engineer or an architect.


Ruslana is an attractive and sensual woman, very romantic, creates for herself the ideal of a future spouse and among many admirers she begins to methodically search for a person who corresponds to this ideal.

Under the influence of passion, Ruslana may come into contact with an unfamiliar man, but when the first wave of sensuality subsides, and the chosen one turns out to be completely different from her ideal, she will mercilessly part with him, without explaining anything.

Sensual pleasures are not the last place in her life. Ruslana has a well-developed sexual fantasy, is interested in erotic literature, and if a man allows her to take a leading position in bed, he will not regret it.

Ruslana chooses her husband for a long time, and after getting married, she prefers to shift part of her duties (especially washing dishes) onto the shoulders of her chosen one.


Matte scarlet.

A rock


Zodiac sign

A lion.


Ruslan's word gives the impression of something majestic, courageous, strong, cold, loud, brave, mighty, big, active.

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