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Meaning of the name

Rudolph means "red wolf" in Old German.


Rudolph has an analytical mindset, hardworking, persistent, smart, endowed with talents. Rudolph has hundreds of ideas running through his head all the time.

Rudolph can be an inventor, work in science, while making unthinkable discoveries. Being in the process of thinking over the next idea, he does not react to matters related to everyday life, family, which very often irritates loved ones.

Rudolph is impossible to frame. The flight of his fantasy is so high that “mere mortals” cannot keep up with him. Rudolph loves to argue with everyone and on any topic. If he fails to prove that he is right, he loses his temper.

Rudolph is a jack of all trades. If he gets down to business, he does the job well. He is able to understand literally everything.

Rudolph, born in winter, is sociable and has many friends. In difficult situations, they know how to "get together" and make the right decision in time. Can't always bring his ideas to life - "winter" Rudolph is prevented by caution.

Rudolph, born in autumn, is an athlete.

Rudolph, born in summer, is a little phlegmatic, businesslike. He is a reliable and solid person. You can rely on Rudolph. After thirty years, Rudolph's career is slowly but surely going up.


Rudolph prefers quick sex - he simply does not have time for foreplay. He doesn't devote much time to women. His wife, as a rule, conquers him herself. This woman should have "angelic" patience and tolerance, but if she succeeds, Rudolph becomes an excellent family man.

Rudolph is monogamous. He is cheerful, loves to mess with children. But he forgets dates, and family holidays come as a surprise to him. Rudolph is not turned on by lace underwear, striptease, or wine. He loves sex in unexpected places: in an elevator, on the roof of a high-rise building, in the reeds, in an open window, in a train compartment. In sex, Rudolph is just extreme.

Rudolph is jealous if his wife gave even the slightest reason for jealousy, Rudolph first arranges a terrible scandal with rolling his eyes, smashing dishes and drinking a sedative, then throws a hysterics, and only after that he finds out if there was treason.



A rock

Red jasper.

Zodiac sign

Taurus, Virgo, Cancer.


The sound of the name Rudolph gives the impression of something dark, evil, rough.

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